Where do I begin?

You lied and you stole. You took every little thing that mattered to me. And when I started to figure you out, you would transform into a new demon, disguising yourself as pretty and safe. But it was you EVERY. TIME.

The worst part is, I fell for it. I believed you. I trusted you. I listened to you. And what did I get in return for my loyal friendship? Ultimately, death. Over and over again, you would lead me down paths that eventually led to death, into lifestyles that would lead me to an eternity in hell, and you even had the nerve to strip me of everything physically and mentally to the point where I was looking death straight in the eye.

You play nice at first. You whispered sweet, gentle things into my ears. You befriended me. You earned my trust. You promised me things. And I, I fell for it every time.

But not anymore. Not today Satan, not any day anymore. Because today, and everyday from now on you are EXPOSED.

The part that gets me the most is this; every thing you promised me is the opposite of what you gave me. In fact everything you promised me, was only obtainable through Jesus. Through the Lord our God, not through you. And the moment. The very second, I said no to you. I said yes to Him. And everything you promised and more began to come true. But not through any works of you. But through faith, through choosing life, through Jesus.

Every time I fell for you, I was choosing death. I even got comfortable with it. You felt like home. I was living in Hell on earth. Covered in chains, trapped in my sin. And I was okay with it. Because I believed your promises. And when I stopped believing in your promises. I believed I deserved the misery that you were bringing me. You broke me down to the point that once I realized you weren't who you said you were, you then convinced me that I was right where I belonged anyways. That I was WORTHLESS.

Boy, you sure had me fooled.

The funniest part of all, is that you had me in a cage, but it was unlocked. I was just so trapped in your lies that I was too weak to simply open the door to the cage where I lived and step out into the light.

I had completely given up on me, on hope, on life. I had no faith. I had no desire to live. The only desire left in me was to make myself even more miserable. I gave up.

But Jesus, Jesus didn't. And guess what Satan? He NEVER will.

No matter how many times I pushed him away, He kept coming back for me. He used the world to plant seed after seed in my heart until one day something began to grow. And what it was, was a small, delicate, simple; ray of hope.

And that's all it took.

A single ray of hope, and a whole lot of Jesus.

He broke down the cage where I lived, and ripped all the shackles off of me, and then he carried me. He carried me through the darkness of death, and into the light of new life.

Satan, I have life now. Not just on earth, but eternally. And Satan, I have a savior who will never give up on me, and never lie to me. A savior that will fulfill every promise he makes to me. A savior who is perfect in all His ways.

And as far as you go, well there's not much left for you here. So go on. Get out. You are not welcome here now, or ever. You cannot win this battle. You see, you cannot win the battle, because Jesus already won the war.

"If God is for us, who can ever be against us?" Romans 8:31

You see Devil, you have no place here, and you have no power. God has given me eyes that see truth and a shield of armor built of love. But most importantly, he has given me life. A beautiful. crazy life. A life that YOU can never take away. Because nothing, not even YOU, can stop God's plan for my life.

And one last thing Satan. His plan, My lord and Savior's plan, doesn't involve you. When I said yes to Jesus, I said no to you. So no Satan, for the last time, you cannot have me back. No matter how hard you try. My gifts are mine, and my life is His.

You hear that? My life is HIS.

I no longer belong to you. And I never truly did.

I choose life, I choose love, and I choose Jesus Christ.

From death, to new life.

I am free.