Dear Ms. Mayor Of Burgettstown
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Dear Ms. Mayor Of Burgettstown

"Power to the people."

Dear Ms. Mayor Of Burgettstown
Fort Vance Historical Society

To the Editor,

On March 12, 2017, an opinion letter entitled, "Burgettstown mayor wants to continue service," was published in The Weirton Daily Times. The letter was written by the "mayor" Anna Maria Quader who has served the town for eight years. This is all due to the help of the Reedy family, namely their son, Joey, and other children from the community who helped her campaign for her entire first term. This is the same family that her and Vickie Rush are trying to destroy for their own egotistical purposes. As a member of the Reedy family, I feel that it is my duty to defend my family and the citizens against her tyranny. Like our "fearless mayor" has stated, I have a "right to [my] opinion by Democratic vote" and you can best believe that I will never vote for Ms. Quader.

First, I would like to point out Burgettstown did not pick Quader to be their mayor in the last election. She won by default. No other community members ran against her, Quader only won because of a technicality. So, if "[thanking] people for their support and uplifting, positive responses" she means thanking the community because she won by default, then so be it. I guess she is entitled to her own opinion.

Next, when she says, "I've worked for the past 21 months at strengthening our local government's infrastructure, but it will soon conclude in positive change," does that mean that she will actually step down from your position? Over the past 8 years, Quader has been nothing but a thorn in the side of the other council members. She has done nothing to help the community. Not a single thing. And like she has even said herself, that she does "not [attend] their monthly meetings." As mayor of the town, does she not feel that she should maybe be actually INVOLVED in the workings of the "infrastructure"? Does she feel that she is "better" than that? By not attending meetings, she has cost the Borough money, but more importantly, the TAX PAYERS money. I don't know about you, my fellow citizens of Burgettstown, but when election times comes around, I think that I would want a mayor that is actually hands on and involved with the community, not one that hides when important decisions need to be made.

And while were talking about her community involvement, let us take a gander at her work with Vickie Rush. I understand that since Rush was not able to overthrow Jim Reedy and the Kids' Center, she has since gone on to the Senior Center to "help" the children of the community through their organization. Great. Good for her. But what really concerns me is this skating rink that was being "built" in Burgettstown? Where is it? And more importantly, where did all of that money go Vickie Rush? Instead of acting like a lunatic and attacking a man whose health has declined due to the stress that she has caused him, why doesn't she worry about her own finances? And whatever is happening "in a month or so", I really hope it is worth all the time and energy that she has put into tearing down a man who has helped this entire town in one way or another, who has given everything he has to ensure a good life for hundreds of children, and who even helped save her grandchildren's Christmas because all of the presents that she had bought were stolen, and all because she couldn't get what you want: power. A power-hungry mongrel is all she has proven herself to be, and I pity her. I truly pity her. So I honestly hope what she is doing is worth it in the end. She once told me that I was the only Reedy that could think for himself, I hope this letter shows her just how right she was. Show us your money, Vickie.

To wrap things up, I want to pose the same question as our Mayor Anna Marie Quader, "what would people like to see in our town?" People of Burgettstown, you know me. You know my family. You all know my father. And whether you like him or not, you all must agree that he has indeed done a lot to change this town for the better. These women are looking to destroy that and everything that my father has ever stood for. When May 16th comes, please do not vote for this maniacal woman. She does not want what's best for the people, but what's best for her and her cohorts. Is that really what you want to see in our town?


A concerned son and a member of the Burgettstown community.

P.S. the Reedy family is still here and we are not going to let them win. Don't count us out yet.

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