Dear Teenage Me
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Dear Teenage Me

Life does get better. Then it gets hard again. Then it's amazing all over again.

Dear Teenage Me
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I think it is safe to say most adults wish they could just go back in time and do things differently, I certainly have made that wish many times.

Dear Teenage Me,

Don't lie. I don't mean childish white lying, I mean the BIG lies. Once you do things change forever in every single way. Please, for the love of God, do NOT sneak out of your window, (or door) and do NOT sneak anyone in, innocent or not. There are so many horrible things that can happen to you and your family that you, as your carefree teen self, would never imagine. Just because you are accused of bad things does not mean it is true or that it is okay to do them, even if your parents, friends, or other kids already think you do. If you are innocent, remain innocent, you won't regret it.

Don't believe you are invincible for one minute. Too many of your peers and friends will pass away as you grow up from reckless actions or avoidable circumstances. Please try your best to stay safe, even if it means not being as popular for a moment. Be the responsible one, let loose occasionally, but make sure you have plans. Be honest. I would say don't drink or try pot, but I know you would not listen to me anyways. If you do it, protect yourself. Don't trust any one else to fix your drink, don't drive even if you have only had one, and if you do debate driving, call a ride. Let's face it, Lyft or Uber will get pick you up and parents will be none the wiser. I hope and pray you don't deceive your folks but if you do, I pray you make it out alive and unharmed, and maybe even feel too scared to do it again.

Get a job! Save money! At least try and save 30% of whatever you make. Start learning about credit scores, bank accounts and overdrafts, investing, and budgeting ASAP!

DON'T waste your opportunities for a kid you are dating. If you get scholarships, use them. Study hard and play hard. Being a teen is the shortest time of your life. It's also not the best time. There is so much in store for you! You will go to college, make new friends, fall in love a time or two, break some hearts, marry the one, have kids who bring you unimaginable joy and fear. You will laugh so much. You will change lives! Even in the smallest ways. There is an abundance of joy ahead, no matter how hopeless or miserable things may feel right now. If you are ever tempted to commit suicide, please reach out. Tell someone. Don't feel ashamed. There is at least One who loves you and will never forsake you. Your hope is not in the world or other people. If you need help to love yourself, get help. Life does get better. Then it gets hard again. Then it's amazing all over again. The pain you feel now is temporary, in ten years you will look back and think how far you have come and how strong you are as a result.

A few ladies who were once in your size shoes also have some amazing advice for you!

Once a cheater, always a cheater. Love yourself.

Listen to and respect your parents, this doesn't mean let them mistreat you.

Follow your "real" dreams, not others' dreams for you.

Never let your significant other control you or put their hands on you!

Stand up for yourself! But when you are wrong, admit it and apologize, unconditionally.

Leave the BOYS alone, at least don't let them affect your decisions for your life!

Don't let emotions rule your life. Don't quit school.

Don't rush into marriage with the first boy out of school, but if you do, talk to God for a long time first and do premarital counseling!

Nobody is looking out for you, nobody may believe in you, believe in yourself.

Don't worry about what others think of you.

Focus on you, save money, travel more, forget material things, work on you.

You are loved by the only one who will never leave you or foresake you, so there's no need to go searching for anyone to fill that void but Him. You are precious and unique and you have a bigger purpose in this life than you could ever imagine.

Don't try to mold yourself to fit a groups idea of what you should be like. You are perfect in Gods eyes.

Be YOU! Yes, college is important, but have fun!

Don't party this time away and find the right church instead of turning from religion.

You are not forgotten and you are still loved, you rock just the way you are.

Live within your means. Find happiness in everything you do. Surround yourself with good people and work hard. Never settle and always know your worth.

God isn't finished with you, you can't even imagine how much love He has yet to give you and show you.

Every choice you make now has the potential to affect your future positively or negatively. Choose wisely.

God first always, school, career, have high standards for a spouse, and last have a family.

Don't do drugs or stop doing drugs!

Dream big. Live everyday to reach those dreams!

Smart girls are awesome!

You'll find your purpose soon. Do better in school ya big dummy!

Love yourself. Always.

Let him go for good.

Don't miss out on developing great friendships.

Stop looking for better things. Your life is wonderful the way it is

Be yourself.

Don't waste energy trying to make your friends/family like or approve of you. They may never and you'll lose yourself.

Read and study more; cry way less!

You CAN wear that cute little outfit you 'think' you're too fat for!

Know your worth! Don't have sex in high school, Love is amazing wait for your turn

Be independent! But willing to hear wisdom. Speak less listen more.

Who cares what your body looks like now. You will give birth one day and those tiger stripes, girl those are fierce.

You can do anything. Stop doubting yourself.

Save yourself years of heartache and hard choices, notice the advice is similar, between EVERY woman! Take school seriously. Stop worrying about dating. LOVE yourself. Have big dreams. Get with God first! Sooner rather than later, like yesterday. Don't give up, it gets better. You are loved and so dear!

Love and miss you forever,

Grown up You.

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