Dear Jill Stein voter,

I get it. I understand. You are frustrated, you are mad as hell, and you feel cheated out. Dr. Stein's words regarding the rigged system and "we the people" are appealing to you. After all, she is one of the "outsider" candidates, but all of that aside, I beg you to please take a step back and take into consideration what you are about to do.

When President Obama was elected, this country was on the verge of a second great depression with 800,000 people losing their job daily, the automobile industry failing, the economy plunging, as well as being in the middle of two excruciating wars. Yes, as millennials, we were young and we hardly remember this time, but believe it or not... the majority of the problems facing the country in 2008 could have been prevented if George W. Bush was not elected. The Presidential Election of 2000 was stolen from Vice President Al Gore because of third party candidate, Ralph Nadar. This country and progressives lived through eight years or hell, but we allowed it to happen. Far left voters and progressives rallied around Ralph Nadar and left Gore in the dust. Progress was held eight long years and much damage done to the country.

This will happen again if you take votes away from Secretary Hillary Clinton. Let me repeat, this will happen again. Donald Trump has the chance of winning key battleground states because of the progressive vote being split between Hillary Clinton and Jill Stein.

Now to be blunt... Jill Stein will not become President. She is not even on every state ballot. She is on an average of around 3% in the latest polls. This is not enough to have her elected, but it is enough to help Donald Trump become elected and as a progressive myself, this scares the hell out of me and it should you too.

I constantly hear form Jill Stein supporters that they "cannot come to vote for Clinton because it would go against their values". So let me get this straight, allowing and helping to elect an egotistical xenophobic, racist, demagogue is not going against your values? Do you even realize what is at stake in this election?

Who ever is elected the next President of the United States will nominate at least three Supreme Court justices. Do you really want Donald Trump nominating three, most likely very conservative, Supreme Court justices? This Supreme Court chosen by our next President will be making decisions for the next 50 years. they will be shaping this country for our generation and the next. Do we want a more liberal Supreme Court for the next 50 years? Or do we want a Donald Trump Supreme Court for the next 50 years?

Civil rights and Human rights are on the line in this election. Whether it be African-American rights, Hispanic rights, gay rights, or a Muslim's freedom of religion... it is all on the line and it is up to us to protect these rights and the progress that we have made. As a member of the LGBT community, my right to love, my right to marriage, and my right to purchase a cake where I want is on the line. As a Jill Stein voter, you are literally toying with my right to marriage and I do not take that lightly, especially after how far we have came.

I urge you to take a deeper look into your vote and your support for the third party candidate. Do not look at as a vote for Hillary Clinton if you wish, but better yet, a vote to protect the progress we have made in the last 70 years. A vote that is protecting a woman's right to chose, whether two people of the same sex can marry, and protecting the freedom of religion for those of different faiths. Look at your vote as a vote for equal for quell work, a vote for a path to citizenship, not a wall. Look at your vote as a vote that will define this nation for the next generation. Do we want our nation or move forward or backwards? Do we want to forget all of the progress we have made?


Someone whose rights are on the line