Dear Hayley Geftman-Gold,

What in the world is wrong with you?

I get it you are allowed to have your own ideas and you are free to express them. Why on earth would you openly post something like this on social media?

Do you have any compassion and empathy? A post like this seems to prove otherwise. You cannot assume that everyone who listens to Country music is the type of person you are describing. It is like saying all people who listen to rap music are gangsters and into drugs and drinking. This is a stereotype you are saying is the end all be all.

How does it feel to have lost your job over this? You were a woman in power and at a great place to be at and you threw it all away by not being smart about what you post online. Especially since you said that there should be no sympathy for the 59 people that died and the 500+ injured. That is just sick!

The thing is though I am not going to say I wish you were in some situation that caused you harm. I am not like you I just wish that someday you will understand how to be a human. To show compassion and care about others.

I pray that someday you wake up and realize that no matter what someone's belief is when an innocent person dies it is a tragedy. I hope that you didn't only apologize because you were sorry you got caught and lost your job or that someone told you to apologize. I hope one day you will one day see that if one innocent person dies it is a tragedy, more than one person died.

I hope you have done some thinking about all this and next time if you think something, that doesn't always mean you post it online.


Someone who cares

Read the article about what happened here.