Dear Future Husband
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Dear Future Husband

I love you, now and forever.

Dear Future Husband
Leng MengKheang

“Dear Future Husband...”

When I was 13 years old, I read a series of books called the “Christy Miller” series. In these books, it shows the main character, Christy, periodically writing letters and prayers for her future husband. I knew that I had to do this, too. So I grabbed a purple notebook and a pen and started writing. Now, when I tell people that I do this, people seem to think that this is my hopeless romantic side seeping out into my real life. But that’s not exactly what this journey is for. God continually calls us to pray over not only our communities, our future spouses but also our own walk with the Lord. A lot of what my journal represents is my specific prayers for God to be working in my life and in my future husbands. While I’m waiting for him to find me, I’m praying over the future of us, the present for us individually in our walks with Christ. So, because this is such a big part of my life, I want to break down the process of these letters, so that way you might be able to participate in this amazing journey of doing life, and falling in love, not only with the Lord but also your future husband.

Be Yourself:

This whole experience and journal journey, begins with you just being yourself. This is your future husband that your talking to: the one who is going to marry you despite all of your insecurities and quirks. He’s going to love you like Christ loved the church and he’s been chasing you a while. Just be the girl who he is going to fall in love with, and that's YOU. The first ever entry I did as a 14 year old, I introduced myself as my full, three names, complete with awful handwriting and spelling mistakes, and told him about my 14 year old self.

Biblical Expectations:

One of the things I focus on a lot in my journals is what I’m looking for in my future husband. These can be some of the things that I’m physically and emotionally attracted to, but it can also be some of the biblical qualities I’m looking for as well. As a Godly woman searching for my Godly man, I am looking hard for the leadership and husband roles in a person. Now, this isn’t exactly for my husband. This is for myself. This is a way to remind myself just how much I expect and just how high standards are set, because finding a man who loves me like Jesus loved the Church, is equivalent to setting the bar high and not letting myself be unequally yoked by men who distract me from my Heavenly father. I want a man who lifts me up spiritually and pushes me to run harder and faster towards the Lord.

Praying Over Your Hubby:

Most of the time, in the ends of my letters, I tend to add a bit of a prayer for my future husband. Just like I want God to be preparing me for my husband, I want the Lord to be preparing his heart for me. In Corinthians 13, Paul writes of this never ending love. This is a love that never fails, never leaves, is slow to anger, is selfless, is perfect and kind and it loves without regard for faults or insecurities. That love will never be found from ANYONE but God (Insert emphasis on the word anyone). This includes your future husband, and it includes you as well. As hard as it is to accept, there will be some faults in your future husband that you can’t stand, and the same goes for him. The only person that loves despite and for your faults is Jesus and our Heavenly Father. I always add a prayer at the end of my letters because I want my husband to be as completely fulfilled in the Lord as I am, so we can build our relationship on a strong foundation of the Lord. So, continue to pray for him, even if you don’t start writing. Pray, Pray Pray.

So What Happens After?:

So what do you do with your letters after you meet and marry your future husband? That my sisters, is completely up to you, just like the exact format, and content of these letters is. For myself, I’m giving my Future Husband his letters the day before we are married because that is the last day he will ever be my Future Husband. For you, you could decide to do a number of things. Your future husband doesn’t even have to know, or read what you have written. You can publish your story, or you can burn it. This journey was about you and the Lord and your thoughts and how God was readying your heart for your lifetime with your spiritual, emotional and physical partner.

In the end, this journey is for you. This journey is a way to prepare your heart for your husband with your Heavenly Father, and to also ask for his to be prepared. This journey is to showcase your life, your emotions, your expectations, your prayers, your hopes, and dreams and how you do life while running towards the Lord. “Run as fast as you can towards the Lord, and whoever keeps up, introduce yourself.” And I know most of us single Godly ladies cannot wait for our Godly man to show up, because we already have our prince, and that's our Heavenly Father.

“I love you, now and forever,

Shanyn <3”

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