A Letter To Freshman Me

A Letter To Freshman Me

This is a letter to Freshman Me written by Sophomore Me. For any Freshman going into college, this note may be helpful for you. For Sophomores who loved their freshman year as much as I did, come take a trip down memory lane.


Dear Freshman Me,

What feels like so long ago, was only a year ago. Time flys by fast, trust me. One day you were moving into a dorm, leaving your parents behind, and saying goodbye to your last bit of parental guidance. Now, I am packing my bags and getting ready to begin Sophomore year.

I remember move-in day perfectly. You were so nervous, yet so excited. So many people told you that college will be the time of your life, but you didn't know if you should believe them- news flash, you should have! Meeting up with your roommate made everything even more real. Looking back, you didn't realize how close you and your roommate would get!

Our parents helped us move in, they cried and exchanged hugs. Suddenly, yall were alone. It was a weird feeling for you knowing that you could do whatever you wanted to do because nobody could stop you! College had finally begun and you were now on your own.

After a week or two, you got the hang of things, kinda! You started meeting so many friends, going out, and living the college life. This is where you went wrong- not enough studying, going through money like it was nothing, and eating too much late at night. I wish the future you could have told you to spend your money wisely and that the Freshman 15 is true.

From not studying enough, you had to work your booty off at the end of first semester to get your grades up. Dad and mom were calling you every day to make sure you were studying. You had to learn how to say "no" to people so you could study. You also learned that studying in the dorm is not a good idea. Studying in the library or a coffee shop is what makes you stay focused. But hey, you made it out alive and surprisingly with a good GPA!

I am still grateful to this day that you stepped out of your comfort zone! Highschool friends are great, but the friends that you made will be your friends for the rest of your life. They are unlike any girls you had met before. And the best part about college friends is that no one knows what you were like in high school, so no one can judge you for your past.

I still talk to the friends you made Freshman year. In fact, I went on trips with them this summer. We look back at pictures of us when we barely knew each other and laugh. So much can happen in a year if you step out of your comfort zone and enjoy Freshman year. So thank you did that.

Before college, you were just you. You set a goal to find your true self and you did. Freshman year is a learning experience, but you completed your goal. I am now me, fully 100%, me. You found your strengths and weaknesses. You found out what people you want to surround yourself with. You found out your purpose.

You did it! You completed Freshman year. Was it easy? No, but you made the most of it and had the best time. I can look back at Freshman year and confidently say that it was my favorite year of my life. Thank you, Freshman Me.


Sophomore Me

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