Dear Collin McHugh, We Believe
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Dear Collin McHugh, We Believe

Time to See You Shine

Dear Collin McHugh, We Believe

Dear Collin McHugh,

Just who the hell are you? Why are you here? Are you going to be here for a long time? Are you just another player who will come into the organization and be an issue for us? You couldn’t make it in two other teams, why do you think you can make it here?

These are just a few of the dozens of questions fans had for you and GM Jeff Luhnow when he claimed you off the Rockies waivers back on December 18th, 2013. You just finished your season with the Rockies and Mets giving up 21 earned runs and zero wins. You also had an ERA of 10.04 before coming down to spring training in Kissimmee, Fla. You had no idea if you were even going to make the opening day roster, let alone play in the majors.

We as fans saw that ERA and scoffed at your pitching career. We couldn’t believe that this “great” GM would go out and pick you up. We were selfish, thinking that even though we were in last place for oh you know…the last four seasons, we were too good for you to pitch on our team. We thought we were better than you and that you were a casualty more than a compliment.

For that we are sorry.

We have watched over the last two seasons as you have resurrected your career, going 30-16 with 328 strikeouts and an ERA of 3.31 during this stretch. You have turned from a casualty to the real deal. From a problem to a solution. From a nobody to a kid’s favorite pitcher. You have watched and been a part of one of a cities’ greatest turnarounds is sports history since possibly the 1993 Toronto Blue Jays. You have been a solid number 2 starter for the last two years and have paired nicely with our number 1, Dallas Keuchel.

But tomorrow, you’re our number 1 guy.

In Kauffman Stadium, where you have gone 2-0 and pitched phenomenal, you are our go to man, and the savior for the Houston Astros baseball Organization. 27 outs lie between playing more baseball this year or hanging up the cleats and regrouping for next season. 27 batters will decide how this season will be remembered. All eyes line on you tomorrow as you and the Astros take on the Kansas City Royals in a winner take all match to the death game.

And we couldn’t be prouder.

For the last two days, we have all heard Royals fans and Astros doubters comment on you pitching in game five of the ALDS. We heard everything from “McHugh has a high ERA, he walks to many batters, he relies on the curve ball too much.” to most importantly, ”Keuchel should be pitching today.” Yes, that’s partially true.

You do have a high ERA Collin, but you have 19 wins on the season finishing 2nd in wins in the AL this season only behind your teammate. Those 19 wins are why we even stood a chance of getting into the playoffs. Yes, you do rely on the curve-ball a lot, but it’s not our fault your curve strikes out players. Yes, you walk a lot of batters, too bad the defense turns a lot of double plays.

And yes, you’re not Dallas Keuchel……but we don't give a damn.

It frankly pisses me off hearing everyone talk about Keuchel’s season and barely even mention you. Sure he had a lower ERA and more strikeouts, but you were just a step behind him. You were always right there after him, waiting to prove you were just as good as him and yet no…NO ONE even gave you a shot. Here’s your shot now.

In the most important baseball game in the last 10 years of Astros history, AJ Hinch has given you the ball. He decided that a guy he has trusted all season rather than his ace to take them to the promise land. He has told the critics and the reporters and the fans that you, that kid who might have never gotten a shot to play in the majors again after the 2013 season, you’re his man.

You’re our man Collin…and we couldn’t be happier.

No matter the outcome tomorrow, win or lose, this season is one fans will remember for decades to come. Analyst and scouts projected we were still a few years away from making a run at the postseason, guess we’ll pay for the speeding ticket today instead for arriving early. You of all the pitchers on this staff have taken the hardest criticism over these past four months. You haven’t been given an inch of respect yet you are now the Astro’s Knight in Shining Armor.

If the Rangers or Angels or even the Yankees would have claimed you off waivers, you would have more than likely been in the minors. Now, you’re pitching in the biggest game of your career.

You were some nobody Collin, just some kid from Floyd County, Georgia wanting one more shot to turn his career around…you've earned this shot.

And don’t worry about the pressure Collin, because we all believe in you.


The loyal fans of the Houston Astros

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