A Thank You To My Cold Dorm
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A Thank You To My Cold Dorm

Some things people never warned you about, yet you still love it.

A Thank You To My Cold Dorm
Alyssa Salzstein

At the beginning of the school year, I was so excited to move into a sorority house and finally experience the great nights sleep everyone raved about in the cold dorm. So, to say the least, I had high expectations. "I have the best sleep ever in the cold dorm," everyone said. I was pretty pumped to check it out.

Turns out the first night of school I slept in my day bed anyway, so the anticipation waited even longer. Then, finally, the day came for me to move into bed number 47. What a gem, I thought. It's right against a wall, right by the side door so I could get in and out easily, it was awesome. But just after the first night I noticed some things that people didn't warn me about.

If you drop something, it's gone forever.

Scrunchies, water bottles, phone chargers... you name it, there are at least seven under my bed. It's so hard to climb under beds to find dropped items when there's another four beds surrounding it. If you drop it, say goodbye.

It's not pitch black.

Especially being right under the exit sign, my bed was ~lit~. I bought an eye mask just to ensure that the cold dorm indeed was dark at all times of the day.

You creepily learn people's sleeping habits.

I didn't purposely stalk every girl in my house to find out how often they sleep, when they go to bed, and when they have their early classes, it just happens.

Waking up people never gets easy.

Since I live in a cold dorm, I have to do wake-ups every few weeks. Sometimes people scream and then I scream because I got scared that I scared them. Sometimes I shake someone's bed for so long my arms get sore. But it is fun to jump on top of people to wake them up, it always works.

It brings out the best artist in all of us.

Since you can't take flash photos in the cold dorm, everyone gets super creative with their Snapchat art.

It's beyond creepy when you're the last one to wake up.

Sometimes I sleep in so late that I sit up and see nothing but rows of empty beds. I feel like there was an apocalypse but for some reason I was the chosen one to keep the human race alive.

Even though it’s sometimes creepy, the cold dorm is truly an amazing sleep. Yes, I have had some of the best nights sleep there and yes I sort of do enjoy doing wake-ups (it’s entertaining). There’s something about sleeping in the same room as 70 plus other people that makes you all a lot closer and appreciate everyone more. So bed number 47, thanks for introducing me to this crazy life style, you will be missed.

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