Dear Black People,

Why are you screaming “Black Lives Matter” when you really don’t believe that black lives matter? If the lives of your fellow brothers and sisters mattered, you would be in the community protesting when we murder one of our own, not just when other races do it. When a black man is gunned down in the streets by another black man, we divide as community. We turn a blind eye, because in most neighborhoods “Snitches end up in ditches.” Homicide cases go unsolved because people are too afraid to speak up, but the people who aren’t scared would rather take matters into their own hands. As soon as a white person guns one of us down we can come together. Why? Because no matter who was in the wrong, the black community wants justice for the black kid. Siblings have a saying “Just because I can talk about my brother, it doesn’t mean you can.” Blacks have a similar saying “I can kill black people because I am black, but you can’t because you aren't black.” Does that make it right? If you can't stand for BLM when it involves blacks killing blacks, then don’t stand for it when whites kill us. If you really have the right intentions and are involved in the movement, race would not play a factor; you would be fighting for justice no matter what. Let's come together and defend our fellow brothers and sisters from all races, including our own.

Hair shouldn’t even be an issue within the black community. Just because we like our real hair long and straight doesn’t mean we have forgotten our genetic traits. Just because we put four bundles of Brazilian hair in our head doesn’t mean we are bald underneath. Just because we prefer our natural kinky hair doesn’t mean we are necessarily for the culture more than anyone else. Wear your bundles and straight hair proud, embrace 4c hair the same as you would embrace 4a hair. Men, we love your afro/thot boy cuts, just as much as we love your waves. Be yourself and WEAR your hair however you please.

Let’s embrace our multiple shades and really understand what my black is beautiful means. If you are light skinned, then own it. Don’t hide your true beauty because others say you aren’t dark enough for the culture. If you are dark skinned, don’t let anyone tell you your melanin isn’t popping. Let’s stop bringing each other down and love one another; let’s show the world that black girls rock and spread some black boy joy. We may be different shades but we are one race. Light skins are not outdated and dark skins are not ugly. Black people, let’s please stop dividing each other by our skin tone.

Can we accept the fact that we are different and get along with one another? It is time for the black community to come together and stop letting foolish things separate us as a people. Let’s learn to love our brothers and sister for who they really are. Lets show younger generations that the black race is a great race.