Dear 89.4, You're So Close, Yet So Far, And Looks Like I'm Out Of Luck

Dear 89.4, You're So Close, Yet So Far, And Looks Like I'm Out Of Luck

That .1 percent defines your future failure and success.

Mahi Patel

Dear 89.4 percent,

0.1 percent. 1/10 of a mere one point. Its insignificance turned almost devilishly paradoxical. 0.1 percent defines you as a student.

Logging into the campus portal is every student's most dreaded experience. Hurriedly typing in their numerical and alphabetical code sequence, they anxiously await as the page begins to load. The blank white fills with the dreaded yet beautifully organized chart of teachers, subject and grades. Your holy book lies in front of you. As you look down you see it: 89.4 percent.

A blinding rage fills your eyes as you begin to curse your unfortunate luck.

"If I had gotten an 86 instead of an 85 on the last quiz I would've had an A in the class. "

"If I had gotten one more question right on the last test I would be at a 90 percent right now."

Every time, you've missed it by barely one point, and now your efforts for the entire year lay wasted at your feet.

With all due respect, I would like to politely express that I have zero tolerance for this blasphemous laughingstock of an incredibly cruel joke. In a world where high school GPAs are the key to a successful future, students cannot afford to get a B, especially if is a 89.4 percent. Leaving a hardworking, dedicated student on the edge is ultimately an evil twist of fate resulting in a catastrophic loss. We have spent hours reading over texts with print so tiny it brought tears to our eyes. We have put in a backbreaking amount of labor into countless flashcards and notes. We have color coordinated binders and notebooks to guarantee optimal success on tests. Even after all this effort, it is our fate to be left on the border.

This is an urge. This is a strong plea to fix the error in your ways. 0.1 percent should not cost us our entire high school career. The margin is way too insignificant to tip the scales one way or another. Have some mercy, and let your students live.


A Weary Student

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