Dear 5 Year Old Self

Dear 5 Year Old Me,

You are beautiful, smart, talented, and unique. Don't worry about growing up too fast, because it will get here before you know it. Don't worry about any mean thing any kid says about how you look or your size; because they are dealing with something darker that you will never know about. Be NICE to our brother! Cherish every single minute you have with him because time is limited; he won't be around forever. Also try and remember our parents being married and happy together (not that they are not happy now, but it's a different happy), because very soon this will be a distant memory and THIS IS NOT YOUR FAULT. Sometimes people just grow apart and that is ok; Mom and Dad still love you and you will eventually gain two new siblings. So, more family isn't always a bad thing.and you get to be an Aunt! Which is the most amazing thing on the planet.

Try not to coast in school too much, because you will have to work your butt off in highschool and college, but it will be very worth it, I promise! Also love bug you are going to get really sick your last year of highschool, but you will have a very supportive boyfriend (he's one of your best friends now) and eventually you will figure out why you are so sick all of the time. So, don't worry you will be ok. Life will get better and you will be able to live a functionable life.

You will go through a lot of changes in your teenage years, and your peers will be mean to you. But, don't get to down on yourself, because they are just as confused as you are. And you will have a awesome teacher that let's you cuss out one of the mean girls after school one day and you will feel so validated and vindicated afterwards. That will be the last time this chick tries to mess with you, it's a glorious thing and you have an awesome teacher.

You will finish college and not use your degree for much. You end up being a yoga instructor and your brother helps you pay for massage therapy school, which you pass and it's a huge accomplishment! You should be so excited and proud of yourself, because I am (and essentially we are the same person).

One final thing before I send this letter back in time; you are amazing. Never forget how valuable you are to the people in your life. Never let anyone diminish your sparkle and shine as a woman and a human being. Just hold your head up high, know that you kick all of the awesome sauce and that you are loved by those around you. You are loved and wonderful; and you are important. And..remember that it's ok to be unique and different. YOU still are awesome. And, last but not least you are loved and important (I can not stress this enough).

Love you,

Your older 25 year old self

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