Every start of the new year brings resolutions that we know are either largely unattainable or that we will give up by the second week. Rather than creating these goals, we should think broadly as to how we can be better, self-improved individuals.

As 2018 begins, there are three resolutions that I hope to achieve, and also see those around me strive to embrace.

Loving others, and not merely "tolerating" them, is something that I hope to continuously improve upon in the new year. However, I would like even more to see those around me recognize that there is a significant difference between the two acts. Most people think that tolerating the differences between themselves and others is a selfless act that should be considered worthy of appreciation.

In reality, though, tolerance is merely for the conscience of the person pretending to love everyone. So, it is high-time that people recognize the distinction and make a concerted effort in 2018 to love people for their differences, rather than in spite of them.

The ability to express my thoughts kindly is the second resolution that I hope to embrace in 2018, and I would like to see everyone do the same. Throughout 2017, people consistently harassed each other about political views, and the concept of progress was subsequently lost. Therefore, I would like to see people try to actually work together in the new year, and in doing so, exhibit a greater degree of respect than we have seen since the 2016 Presidential Election.

Finally, it is important that we all find balance in order to live more fulfilled lives in 2018. Most of us focus our attention on one area of our lives and think that is enough for us to be happy and successful. In doing so, other areas — whether it is work, fun activities or healthy living — are inadequately addressed and suffer as a result. For that reason, we should let 2018 be the year that we focus on living holistic lives.