Dealing With Stress As Told By "That 70s Show"

We are all victims of stress and its relentless tyrannical reign over the human mind. Seriously, stress is the worst. We've all been told somewhere down the line that "a little stress is good for you!" but I am sick of that BS. Where's my nap? Stress is universal and no one is safe. Stress shows no mercy. So, since we are all victims, perhaps the best remedy is to take a second and laugh at those stressors that knock us down. There is no point in being alone in your struggle. Misery loves company, so let's laugh through our tears at those pesky impacts of stress that we all know too well.

1. Trying to mentally prepare yourself for a busy day.

Let's see, if I start now and skip lunch and only allow myself two bathroom breaks, I should be done with all this work by, hmm, midnight?

2. When your mental pep talks fail.

Geez, I've got to learn to be more convincing.

3. Watching all your work start to pile up and trying to remain calm.

I can do this! There is time! I am strong! I am NOT freaking out!

4. When someone around you talks about all their work but you know for a fact that you have twice as much as them.

Please stop talking. I don't want to hear it. Nope.

5. Being reminded that your problems are not "real problems," and immediately hating yourself for being so stressed.

Oh my God, I am the worst. My pain is so trivial!

6. Getting hit with yet another assignment and falling right back into your "stressed out" mentality.

There is a good chance I won't be able to finish all this work before my demise. That's unfortunate.

7. Remembering the good old days where you were excited for adulthood and could not wait to grow up.

Was I stupid or just horribly misguided? Either way, that's just plain hilarious.

8. When you try to imagine a perfect metaphor for your life and all of your stress...

...and this is all that comes to mind.

9. Forgetting to do something important and watching your day go up in flames.

Honestly, I should have just seen this coming.

10. Relying on your friends to keep you motivated.

And motivating them in return.

11. When people try to give you an attitude and you are having none of it.

You couldn't possibly know all the stress I am dealing with at the moment, so please humor me and just be sympathetic.


12. When the stress manifests into delirium.

I've worked for hours and it feels like nothing has been accomplished and I'm fine! I am totally and completely fine! I'm not freaking out. You're freaking out!


13. Realizing your day was actually productive.

Wow, would you look at that? I got sh*t done.

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