Hey everyone, so, unfortunately, I have to constantly deal with a gastrointestinal disease called colitis. There are so many precautions I have to remember to take every day and I have learned so much about doing so.

I have become very open to discussing my disorder and want to make the most out of treating it, hopefully helping others out there who go through the same torture I go through medically. If you want to know any more tips and tricks, don't hesitate to personally message me!

1. Just keep swimming.

When a flare-up comes around out of the blue, you just HAVE to tell yourself to keep doing what you're doing. Stick to your plans and don't let yourself stay in bed all day just because you're having pain. Fight it and own it. I am slowly beginning to get better at dealing with flare-ups while having fun and it has made me a much stronger person.

2. Eat right every single day.

As upset as I am about it, I cannot eat the way I used to. No processed foods, no greasy or fried foods, and no sugar. With this condition, you have to eat healthy all of the time, for every single meal. I'm talking cooked veggies, grilled chicken, fruits, and an occasional bite of nondairy, low carb ice cream. It's overwhelmingly hard at first, but I promise it becomes a lifestyle.

3. Make your own decisions, the doctors aren't always correct.

We all know doctors, nurses, pediatricians, etc in the workplace aren't always correct in this field. I've learned that through all of the doctors I've had, none of them are perfect. Sometimes you have to trust yourself more than the doctor's decision. Half of this disease is based on self-healing, which leads me to my next point.

4. Natural meds are truly life savers!

One thing I have done to stop doctors from constantly wanting to prescribe me antibiotics or steroids is starting natural meds. This means taking turmeric, ginger root, flaxseed oil, and probiotics in a capsule DAILY. Let me tell you, this has changed my world completely for the better and I can feel myself healing in a safer way than constantly having to be on medications that eventually break down my immune system.

5. Fake it until you make it.

This last tip kind of ties in with my first point, but I can't express enough how important it is to keep a positive mindset throughout this journey. It is scary, not fun, and sometimes humiliating but you just have to keep telling yourself that you are strong enough to get through it. Having colitis is exhausting mentally, physically, and spiritually, but it definitely gives you confidence in yourself for getting through a tough day. "You've made it," I tell myself at the end of the day. "And tomorrow will be even better than today."

I am receptive and accepting of any other questions you might have about living with colitis. I am here to help and offer tips on how to successfully live with this!