'Deadpool' Re-Imagined
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'Deadpool' Re-Imagined

Be warned, there are spoilers ahead.

'Deadpool' Re-Imagined
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With non-stop action and profanity, the newly released movie, "Deadpool" made a strikingly large impact on moviegoers. According to the Internet Movie Data Base (IMDB), its opening weekend at the box office calculated $135,050,000 in sales. Needless to say, the audience got exactly what was advertised as far as Deadpool’s persona goes. Ryan Reynolds provides the right amount of hilarity and vulgarity that encourages Marvel Comic fans to sit through the hour-and-a-half movie and challenges them not to choke on their popcorn while laughing.

In the beginning, fans got to see what Deadpool is doing to fix his current predicament. When that fails, viewers get an inside look at how Deadpool came about. This former Special Forces operative becomes a mercenary within the city he lives and scares off anyone giving another person a hard time. Although this seems like something he can be proud of, Ryan Reynolds just refers to his job as one bad guy getting rid of worse bad guys. Under no circumstance does that make him a hero; in fact once Ryan Reynolds undergoes an experimental procedure to become Deadpool, he constantly clarifies that he is not a hero, nor does he want to become one despite the efforts of X-Men members.

Deadpool simply searches for a way to fix his human appearance after being put in stressful scenarios, forcing him to mutate. When his plan goes awry, he must face his creator and save the girl he loves with some help from other heroes. Just like any superhero movie, the characters must have incredible powers and have badass personalities to match. It’s hard for comic fans to find Deadpool unlikable because it’s not like he’s after any of them. There’s something almost sassy in regards to how this character carries himself, and fans really seem to enjoy it. We’ve all seen the stereotypical good guy superheroes, but it’s different when the person saving the day is also somewhat of a jerk and doesn’t like the title of “superhero.”

That’s not the only good characteristic about this movie; female fans will be pleased with several scenes throughout the movie. Most of which include Ryan Reynolds shirtless. And if that doesn’t do it for you, let’s not forget about the action packed, naked fight scene just after Deadpool finishes mutating. Lets just say Ryan Reynolds definitely turns up the heat in that scene and goes out blazing.

Throughout the movie, Deadpool makes some extraordinary decisions, fights some serious assholes and makes some unlikely friends along the way. Literally, though, his new taxi driver friend is on speed dial. He is constantly breaking the fourth wall and bringing people into his world.

If it weren’t for Ryan Reynolds’s love of the antihero, this movie may not have existed. In an exclusive interview with The Los Angeles Times, Reynolds tells his audience how much he pushed for "Deadpool" on the big screen, and how the people responded. In 2014, a few minutes of the movie was leaked by one of four men, Ryan Reynolds, director Tim Miller, or the two screenwriters, Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick. There was a clear demand for the movie that 20th Century Fox couldn’t ignore, so they gave Reynolds a small budget and let him make the movie how he wanted.

In "Deadpool," Reynolds is constantly cracking jokes about the budget and process this movie took. He even makes note of the ending in "X-Men Origins: Wolverine" and how Deadpool’s character was treated.

At the end of the day, fans are happy with how things turned out for Deadpool. Although there isn’t any information out yet in regards to a second Deadpool movie, for now, people can see Ryan Reynolds shimmy into a red spandex jumpsuit for the time being.

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