While we may have to say goodbye for the week to the characters we love so much on Netflix, we can still rely on them to sum up our emotions during dead week. Here are 15 times that the cast of New Girl was all too relatable during the week before finals:

1. When you start your study guide and the end is nowhere in sight.

2. When you lock yourself in your room for a while after realizing that you don't have time to speak to anyone for the next week.

3. When you think about the fact that in addition to studying your butt off, you still have to pack.

4. When you're in the zone, doing a practice exam, and someone in the dorms decides to scream in the common areas.

5. When your motivation starts falling at an alarming rate.

6. So then you try to remind yourself why you are working so hard.


7. When you finally feel geared up to take on several hours of dedicated study time.

8. ...only to take an hour long "study break" 30 minutes later...

9. When someone with fewer exams than you complains about their stress level.

10. When the professor springs a cumulative final on you.

11. When you go into office hours in hopes that you can boost your grade with your personality alone.

12. When a cute guy asks you out, but you have to say no because grades are life.

13. When your desk slowly but surely starts to swallow all of your belongings whole.

14. When there's so much to do that the only dead thing about dead week is that you're dead inside.

15. When you emerge from your study lair for the weekend after no one has seen you for 5 days.