I don't know about you, but I have had some of the roughest past two weeks. From having tests every single day, to running around Butler's campus with my head chopped off, and everything in between, there have been a few times where I have just wanted to stay in bed and watch Netflix, specifically The Office. Whenever I am down, I re-watch episodes of the Office because it always lifts me up and is always a good laugh when I need it. It is such a classic and hilarious show that will always pick you up after a rough day. The characters, plots and Jim's constant pranks on Dwight make the show what it is.

Since these past few weeks have been rough, I decided to make a compilation of Michael Scott gifs that accurately describes how I feel about every week so far.


My inner Monday moods, always. I will never understand how anyone could be a Monday person. I dread Mondays every week. They are the bane of my existence.


When you realize that it is only Tuesday and the week is barely over. Tuesdays are the second Monday in my opinion. I either think that it is Wednesday or Monday, there is no in between. It is a long as heck day, that sometimes I feel should not exist.


When you realize it's only Wednesday, but you thought it was Thursday the whole day. This is my longest day out of the week, this semester and I hate it. I feel like I am running around all day and only have like 5 minutes to myself this whole day.


When your Tuesday/Thursday professor decides that it would be a wonderful idea to give you a paper or some type of homework due at Midnight on a Friday. Yes, this has, in fact, happened to me. Which I don't know about them, but Friday to Sunday's are my relaxing days.


When it is finally Friday and you realize that all you have to do (minus the assignment due at midnight) is eat, sleep, and socialize.


When you're just trying to get your weekend on and see someone from your class and you both know that you should not be where you are, but that you both should be somewhere studying for an exam you have on Wednesday. Yet you both know that you'll get it done eventually and just want to spend the night relaxing.


When you realize that you have to do what homework you did not get done throughout the week done, chapter at 8 p.m., and a million and one things to do that you put off until the last minute. This is what Sundays are for though. To have a nice lazy day out of the week, with really nothing to do except homework.

This concludes our dose of Michael Scott. Have a great week, y'all!