If you are a college student that tends to volunteer yourself for frivolous activities, feels the need to participate in every event on campus, takes on leadership in multiple clubs and/or organizations, or simply answers "yes" to every favor asked of you, this column is for you; that is, if you have time to read it.

1. When you sign yourself up for a volunteering event 4 months in advance, just to find out that it is outside manual labor that begins at 6am.

But you cannot back out now, you are a giver!

2. When you are filling out your planner for the week ahead and you have a small anxiety attack because all of the activities you are expected to attend, meetings you have to lead, and dinners you have to eat.

Make sure to schedule time for that box of wine you will need to drink after this week is over.

3. When someone tries to tell you that they are busier than you are...

I am sorry, do you even go to class?

4. When you spread yourself too thin, and wind up in bed with 3 different viruses, a stress rash all over your body, high blood pressure and an extra 20 pounds of stress weight.

Sorry Mom and Dad, we do the best we can.

5. When you are running to your next class and the other incompetent humans that are walking to class are walking slower than any turtle you have ever seen.

Knees to chest, I want to see knees to chest!!

6. When everyone seems to come to you with their issues/problems and you don’t have the brain capacity to discuss their life crisis.

I really do love hearing about how you had such a bad hangover that you slept through your alarm and are upset because you missed an extra credit opportunity in class??

7. When you finally have time to relax, but then you lay in bed and think about all the other things you need to get done.

The absolute worst feeling.

8. When you realize that you will never actually have time for a love life until after graduation.

Who needs to celebrate Valentine's Day anyways?

9. When you don't have enough time to fix your hair/makeup or freshen up, so you have to use other utensils such as silverware as a mirror.

I am a full believer that there are multiple functions for everything.

10. Sometimes when we are running all over the place, we forget our common sense and emotions.

We are all guilty of this.

11. When you delegate a task to another person, and they end up destroying everything you worked for.

Are you trying to kill my hopes and dreams?

12. You may have perfect grades, numerous extra-curricular activities and excellent work experience on your resume but you still don't know how to eat like a proper adult.

We don't actually have our life together.

13. Somedays the only motivation we have to get out of bed is that cup of coffee waiting for you, but then.

If you don't have a stain on your shirt, are you actually "busy"?

14. When you don't have time to go home for an outfit change or break so you have to pack 3 pairs of heels, 4 textbooks, your laptop and 2 meals within one backpack.

I bet you I can do an outfit change quicker than Beyonce.

15. And this is a part of your night time ritual.