I know that I probably said that my last article in my "A Day In The Life Of A College Kid Who…" and some health-related aspect that has recently happened in my life. However, I was wrong. Sorry, but this is going to be the last one. I promise.

Until summer hits and then I do an update of how I am doing when summer hits and how I am feeling. Yes, fun times.

So let's do a recap in one sentence of what happened. I found a mass in my stomach in January, found out I would have surgery over spring break, and just had the surgery in March. If you want to read more in detail about what happened, they're pretty simple to find (my first article talking about how I was in the hospital suddenly has gone viral in February).

With all of the crazy stuff now out of the way, one might ask what am I doing now. Well, here's what I am doing right now: trying to get back into the normal life of being a college student. At the time this article is being written at the last minute (my specialty), I had just finished my classes for the day and am currently sitting in the student union eating lunch and working on a paper and this specific article. Now I just suddenly got an email saying that my paper's due date (which was Friday) is now extended so thank goodness because I was stressing about doing a good job on it.

Back to what this article is really about.

The true reason I'm writing this is that now that this mass is out for good, I feel like I have just gotten my normal life back. That mass was growing in my stomach for the past few years (since maybe my junior year of high school), and I never really been able to feel "normal" per se. I have not been able to eat a lot of food due to this thing and a lot of times my parents have been forcing me to eat more because they know I haven't been eating much. I even forced myself to eat more because I feared that this was becoming something I feared often.

Also, did I just see the professor for the class I dropped out of last spring because I couldn't get my grade up? I don't know. I got off track again.

So with this mass out now, I know that I can eat normally again with the exception of a few things that I can't eat for a bit. But I know that soon in four weeks I will be recovered and back to normal, something I haven't felt in years. For now, I'm taking things easy in the sense. I'm using a wheeling backpack instead of my regular backpack because I can't carry anything above six pounds. I can't do any extraneous exercise, but I'm just limiting myself to the Greek Weekend showcase that I was a part of already before the surgery and the upcoming Dance Marathon.

I'm thankful that I'm super close to getting back to normal.

If anyone wants to know how back to normal I am, I will end by going off topic again and discuss how I have 'Say My Name by Ateez' stuck in my head (look them up, yes they're a Kpop group) and how I'm excited for the BTS comeback on April 12th…