To the daughter of a hard-working momma,

Man, it is SO hard to have a working mom. It's hard to miss her. Hard to have friends whose moms are home all of the time. Hard to understand the balance of work and play. All around hard.

But watch. Watch her. Watch the work she's doing. Watch the way she treats others. Watch how she balances more than anyone should ever be able to. Take it all in. You are learning so much.

You should respect your friend's moms. Those moms that choose and are able to stay home with their children. They are in one of the hardest positions known to man and they are amazing. But your mom's life looks a little different and there is nothing wrong what that.

First and foremost, be patient. She loves you SO much. She wants nothing more than to be the best mom possible but she is a human. There are going to be days that she is tired. Days that she is annoyed. Days that she snaps for reasons that have nothing to do with you.

Second, and almost as important, watch her and learn from her. She is going to want to share everything she can with you and the skills you learn watching your mom kick butt will shape the person you are and the work you will someday be passionate about. Your mom is a prime example of being able to do anything you set your mind to.

Third, take mental note of the extreme effort it takes for her to attend school events. Think about how hard it is for her to get there in the middle of the day. Think about how much had to be moved around. Think about how tired she must be. Feeling overwhelmed? She's not! Seeing you and spending time with you is the best part of her day. There are going to be things she won't be able to attend and honestly, that's okay too.

Last but not least, ask questions. Ask about everything you can, as frequently as you can. You are blessed with a superhero mom. She has had more amazing experiences that you ever realize. Even when you think she doesn't know what she's talking about, she does. Odds are she's been through the exact same thing. Odds are she's made the exact mistake you're about to make.

Being the daughter of a working mom is hard but it also is the greatest blessing. You have no idea what an impact she is making on you. Listen to her, ask her questions, notice the incredible things she is doing. There is no better role model than a working momma.


The daughter of yet another version of Superwoman