Talking Then

When my dad was my age 'talking to someone' wasn't a type of relationship.  Nowadays it has sadly become a new type of status to put on a relationship.  If you were talking to a girl, that wasn't a big deal of any sorts, people actually used to talk to each other, a lot.  This was even before texting was a form of communication, you had to pick up a phone and call her, usually getting her parents answering the phone.  It's a bit intimidating but he was a man and that's how it was done.

Talking Now

Now 'talking to someone' is a lazy way to say you're interested and mildly trying to form a relationship.  It's sad and it the idea shouldn't even be entertained, if you're into someone show it.  On another note, talking to someone doesn't make it exclusive and I don't even entertain that idea. Now texting is the new standard and face-to-face proves to difficult for guys.  Yes texting is convenient but its borderline lazy.

Dates Then

Believe it or not, my father would use the words "It's a date".  I barely ever hear the word 'date' now.  These weren't those 'movie and back to his place' type of date either.  He had to put in the work, be a chivalrous man, and wait a few dates to reap the benefits.  Dates rarely were just coffee or a movie, usually a nice dinner where he picked up the check.  That's just how things worked.

Dates Now

It seems people my age don't want to put the date label on it.  It's pretty rare that I hear someone actually refer to their date as a date.  Some common ways people dodge the d-word now are: 'coffee', 'just hanging out', 'watching a movie at their place', 'it was only lunch', etc.  Listen, if you want to go on a date make it a date.  And nothing should be expected out of a date, if she is genuinely interested things will come from that in time.

Chivalry Then

My father had to go through the classic motions of picking the girl up, walking to their door to greet them, opening doors, pick the restaurant, pay the full bill, drive her home, walk her to the door, kiss her goodnight, and leave.  Almost always followed by a phone call the next day and quickly planning another date.  It makes her feel important and like you actually care about her.
Chivalry Now

I still go through most of the motions of classic dating, when I do date, but sadly it isn't really expected anymore.  I don't understand why being a chivalrist is too much work for some guys, but honestly, it's not too much work in order to make yourself look good and make you date feel important.  Some guys just like to wait a few days to call the girl after, I'm not sure why this is the new standard but it's stupid.  If you don't want to show your date you care about her, then you don't care enough.