I Don't Want To See These Things On Your Dating Profile

10 Things I Definitely Don't Want To See On Your Dating Profile

It's time that people act like they are trying to market themselves, because you are.


99/100 times I swipe left on dating apps because I am hugely unimpressed with your choice of content on your profile. If you cannot impress me with your dating profile, I doubt you'll impress me in real life. Your dating profile is how you market yourself to those who might be interested in you. There are times that I am shocked to think that these are the pictures that someone actually thinks will cause women/men to want to date them.

The following are just a few immediate things that cause me to give an immediate swipe left if I see it on your dating profile.

1. A mirror selfie.

You really couldn't find anyone to take a good quality picture of yourself? A friend? A parent? A sibling? A stranger? Anyone? Plus the mirror selfie is so middle school. Do you want to be seen as a responsible adult or as a child who doesn't know how to take proper pictures of themselves? Would you send that mirror selfie to a job interview? I know dating isn't the same thing, but I think that mirror selfies are so immature and make me feel like they're not taking dating seriously.

2. Any dead animals.

Why would I want to see you posing with dead animals? It just makes me feel sad and confused. Do you regularly have dead animals hanging around? Do you think that this is supposed to impress me? Why are there so many fish? If I date you do I also have to like posing with dead fish? Will we have dead fish on every date? I get that you like to fish, but why not a nice picture of you fishing from a boat with a nice backdrop?

3. Group photos.

Immediate question: which one is you? If I can't tell that immediately from your picture then it shouldn't be on your dating profile. I'm not here to date your friends, I'm here to date you. And if I cannot tell which one is you, then I might start being attracted to your friend until I realize that it's not your friend's profile after I get 4 images deep. And that's not fair to you or to me.

4. Blurry pictures.

Once again. You couldn't find anyone to take a proper photo of you? This is the age of cell phones with crazy good cameras. Why would you choose to include a picture that is so blurry and grainy that I cannot tell who you are or what you look like. Are you trying to hide something?

5. Pictures with other women/men that could be your past significant other.

If I'm going through your pictures and I see you hugging another woman I'm going to have questions. If you're looking to start dating a woman/man then why would you include in your profile photos a picture that looks as if you already have a significant other? If it's your sibling then great, but I still wouldn't include it if the picture could possibly arise questions.

6. Children that are not your own.

If I see a picture of you with a child, I'm going to automatically assume it is yours.

7. Pets that are not your own.

If you have a picture of an animal in your profile picture then I will automatically assume it is yours. If you're posing with someone else's dog then that is false advertising.

8. Your SnapChat or Instagram account details.

Are you looking for more followers or a boyfriend/girlfriend? I'm looking for a serious relationship, not just someone to snap back and forth occasionally.

9. Pictures from more than a year ago.

Which is the real you? Maybe 4 years ago you were clean shaven and now you have a beard? 3 years ago you had bangs and now you don't. 5 years ago you were heavy set but now lost a ton of weight. Which is the real you? If you don't look the same in all your pictures or they are more than a year old, I'm going to have questions. Who would I be dating? And what are you trying to hide?

10. Pictures of you smoking.

Just eew. Gross. Smoking is an automatic no-go. Is that even considered cool anymore in a time when we know how bad smoking is for your health? This is not an attractive picture that makes me want to date you.

Basically, don't be the person with these things on your dating profile. Be respectable and mature. You are marketing yourself to your future husband/wife and I don't want to see all these other things that make me feel like you're not ready for a serious relationship.

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(Also, I would like to thank all the men who participated in this "experiment" and will literally never have any idea they are in this article. Disclaimer to all the boys I sent this to: I don't, I repeat, DO NOT want to "DTF" with you. Thank you for the consideration though, I'm flattered.)

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14. The boy who knows how to use emoji correctly.

15. The man who has been swiping left/playing this game for longer than I have.

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I Learned That I'm Not A Bumble Or Tinder Girl Because I Still Crave Those 'Meet-Cute' Moments

I do not want a texting type of relationship.


Things about our society today are changing drastically and a big part of that is the improvement of technology and social media.

With the advancements in technology, people are becoming more and more anti-social and it is getting more difficult to meet people worth spending your time with. This has made dating extremely difficult.

I am the type of girl who likes to do things old school, especially when it comes to dating.

In a previous article, I have written: "I Refuse To Meet My Future Husband Online." Which explains why online dating is not for me.

I got to a point in my dating life where I was so fed up with the way I was being treated by the male gender and sick of getting my heart broken by guys with poor intentions, that I decided to go against everything that I believe in and join an online dating app and I decided to use Bumble.

I thought that there had to be at least some good guys out there who will treat me like I deserve to be treated.

Dating is very difficult and takes a lot of time and effort and takes a lot of strength emotionally. I think that is something that everyone can agree on.

It takes hundreds of swipes on these dating apps to find even one person that you think that you could have a connection with. Once you do find someone that you are interested in and you are lucky enough to have a good conversation with them, they usually end up ghosting you within a few days.

All that I have experienced while being on this app is that you will probably get your hopes up.

I am the type of girl who wants to meet my husband in person. I want to have a cute story to tell my children and my grandchildren the crazy cute way that their father and I met. I do not want the answer to be "Oh we met online" YAWN!

I want the type of connection that when you see someone, you are instantly attracted to them and curious to know more about them.

I guess you could stay that the little girl in me is still craving her fairy tale moments.

We get so caught up in what the rest of society is doing and what other people expect of us, that we start to go along with it.

Just because everyone else is downloading dating apps, does not mean that you have to.

Your prince will come at the right time. Do not lose hope and trust that God has a plan for you and will bring you your knight in shining armor at the right time.

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