Dating In Your 20s Shouldn't Be Nonchalant, It's More Than 'Just Hanging Out'

The decisions you make now, WILL impact your future

Megan Aaron

So you're 20, you're dating a guy you like, sometimes. You sorta maybe see yourself with him for life. But in all honesty, it just makes college more fun, it's cute to have a date to sporting events, it gets likes on social media, and it's fun on a Friday night. If you're like, "yeppp why is this me...?" you need to stop. You need to break up with the boy. Because dating in your 20s needs to be way less nonchalant than that.

Dating in your 20s should be intentional. It should be a decision made with a bigger goal in mind and with more people's wellbeings in mind than just your 21-year-old college self. You should have your 30-year-old, mom-self in mind, and your two kids as well. You should have your family and grandparents and cousins in mind. Who you date in your 20s should hold some weight and significance because the decisions you make in regards to who you date in your 20s, WILL affect the rest of your life. Your relationship in your 20s should be something you take seriously. It, in a sense, is the start of a lifetime commitment.

Too often do I see careless dating in college. Trust me, I even did it. I saw bits and pieces that I liked and would potentially want for a lifetime, but overall, deep down, I always knew it wouldn't work and that it wouldn't last. Sure it would've been easier to just stick it out, and end up with the guy. But I wasn't happy, it wasn't healthy, and I sat back and thought about my future self and family and things didn't line up. Dating in your 20s should be everything BUT easy and nonchalant. It should be tough, challenging, persistent, intentional, serious, and of worth to you. Because who you date in your 20s WILL impact your future, and while you're still dating, YOU have the power to decide what your future looks like.

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