Dating while in college can be difficult, amidst trying to find time between studying, and classes, and finals, and guitar. Honestly just trying to find someone who you actually want to take time out of your schedule to actually meet and spend quality time with can be a very daunting task. But if you can succeed, it can lead to very positive outcomes with great rewards. Just finding a companion is a reason to try your hand at the dating game. You never know who you will meet. Here are a few starter steps on dating in college:

1. Finding Someone

This might just be the most daunting task of all; actively seeking someone to spend time with. Now comes the important decisions: Are you willing to try online dating? Or are you willing to try and find someone the old fashioned way, like that cute guy in your English lecture and give it a shot ask him out? Online dating is not for the faint of heart, everyone seems to have a horror story about some blind date. The next question being, What are you looking for in a relationship? This is something you need to ask yourself in the very beginning, are you looking for something serious or something more casual. Once you know what your looking for you can start actively searching for someone who is looking for a similar relationship.

2. Finding time:

As a college student it can be pretty difficult to find time to go out, even if its just for a quick coffee date. Between studying, homework and classes where is the time? And if you also work then you can almost forget about dating altogether. If that is the case try dating during the summer or winter breaks, when you have some time off (and I know I personally get a little bored with all the free time on my hands), If you can carve out just a little bit of time, why not share that time with some one else? Finding someone just to spend time with and share your thoughts with is always nice. As humans we were not made to be alone so find time to spend with others.

3. Choosing where to go/What to do:

This is actually pretty easy, whats your budget? Are you both in college? If that's the case try a local coffee shop, its cheap and central. If you aren't tight for money like then try going out for lunch or dinner at a local restaurant. Or go on an adventure, go for a hike, go to a local park or museum (especially if a brand new exhibit just opened). Go do something you wouldn't think to do any other time.

No matter what you do get out of your comfort zone and enjoy the experience and all it has to offer. And just keep in mind that you have your entire life ahead of you to find the one, no rush right now.