Tinder Horror Stories

Dating Apps Don't Always Result In Cringe-Worthy Dates But Can Produce Hidden Gems

Maybe you'll discover the long lost romance you've always dreamed of in an unlikely place.


Two years ago I never would have dreamed I'd be vouching for cheesy dating sites like Tinder or Ok-Cupid. But when I found myself alone the day before my 21st Birthday, I found myself in an unusual situation. I desperately wanted to spend my final moments being 20 with someone who would be up for a grand adventure. Eventually finding myself in an ambient bar with a handsome companion, sipping on my first legal drink as soon as the clock struck midnight, before stealing into the night to celebrate being the big 2-1.

To my immense disappointment, my friends and family were busy or out of town. Leaving me alone and bored to tears on the one night I wanted to fill with unforgettable shenanigans. In a last-ditch effort, I finally downloaded Tinder after being prodded by co-workers for weeks.

Little did I know this would be one of the best decisions I'd ever made.

It led me to John, my boyfriend of nearly 3 years, who would show me the best time on a last-minute date.

Upon downloading the app, I realized it was indeed full of slime-balls who want nothing more than to take advantage of your time and aren't looking for much other than a few hours to pass the time with a pretty face. Unfortunately, there's no real way to tell who's going to be worth your effort and who's going to be a waste of your time.

All you can do is toss the dice, use context clues, and try to feel out if the person is worth your time via messaging. It's quite misleading when you have no idea if you're actually talking to someone who is being genuine or not. Surprisingly enough, there is a large number of active people who are looking for a deeper connection.

Of course, for every decent person out there expect to find at least two bogus people. Try to be patient as you sort through the weeds in search of the budding flowers that are worth picking.

I'd had enough with trying to meet people out and about. I'd always choke up during awkward interactions and stumble all over my words trying to break it to someone that I just wasn't that into them. I figured, what the hell, I've got nothing to lose and I'm not spending this evening alone watching re-runs of The X-Files. I'm taking matters into my own hands and making a fun night, regardless of how much I would've enjoyed a cuddle-sesh with my dog over a nightmare date.

In my experience, I somehow managed to go on just one date to find my diamond in the rough. Someone who would become my best friend, my partner in crime, the most romantic person I'd ever met, all while being ambitious and intriguing as an individual.

We would spend hours just talking after that first date which consisted of tromping around Mellow Mushroom, exploring a new area I'd never been to, and playing card games into the wee hours.

But John had been on many a botched date in his time using Tinder. He expressed how shocked he was that I was actually a legitimate person that portrayed myself honestly on my profile.

In the coming years, he's shared his interestingly humorous incidents that have included coming face-to-face with a real catfish and a high-speed chase that involved evading an obsessed date. Well, not that high-speed but still the sort of stories that I half-way expected to occur.

What I'm trying to say here is you never know what might come of trying a dating site. It can be just as unpredictable as a live date or trying to meet people on the fly. You at least have the opportunity to get to know the person via messaging or phone calls before you have the actual date.

And every once in a while, like me, you might even find someone that makes all those bad experiences completely worth it.

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The Various Pros and Cons of Tinder

Super-like anyone lately?

Oh, Tinder. Never has there ever been a dating app with more controversy (that I am aware of). Since it's birth in 2012, Tinder has skyrocketed into a worldwide platform for electronic dating. With an estimated 50 million users and 10 million daily users, Tinder has matched around 10 billion people.

That's a lot of swipes. About 1.4 billion a day to be exact, according to DMR stats.

For the sake of complete transparency, I will admit that I am an avid Tinder user. Now from what I have gathered, people use Tinder for many different reasons. Yes, some people consider Tinder to be strictly a 'hookup app', but others do not believe this to be true.

I consider myself to be in agreement with the latter. Below I will detail my thought process on just a few ways you can use this rather ingenious app. Yet, I do not claim the app's concept to be perfect. Therefore, what is a better to explain my reasoning than a carefully crafted list of pros and cons?

Lets begin, shall we?

Pro: Countless adventures

Never again will I insist on a stereotypical lunch meet-up. If you actually read people's bios, you can find an amass of common interests and creativity. I've gone kayaking, hiking, geocaching, soccer playing, cliff jumping, milkshake grabbing, baseball game watching, coffee drinking, beer drinking, ping-pong playing and much more. If you're meeting someone for the first time, might as well make it fun.

Con: You won't click with everyone

Let's be honest, some people only sound good on paper. You might find them attractive and have many common interests, but that doesn't mean that you will get along swimmingly in real life.

Pro: You can make great friends

It's true. I have met two of my best friends off Tinder. Judge that as you may. I have made countless other connections through the app. Go into it with an open mind and the worst that can happen is the above.

Con: There are indeed some weirdos

So you go to a meet-up. It may be a friend thing or a date thing; either way something is off. Perhaps they told you that they have the ability to heal people through the power of God. Perhaps they are too incredibly forward and you have to flee their house after dinner. Yes, both of those have happened to me. But want to know the good news? You never have to see them again if you don't want to.

Pro: You get the insider information

As someone who is constantly moving around, I'd have to say this is one of the top things I use Tinder for. There is nothing better than having a local show you around their town or give good recommendations. You learn the slang, learn what to avoid, and discover new places to explore.

Con: People are judgemental

I personally do not care if the world knows I use Tinder (hence this article), but it would be nice if it's use was more socially accepted. Not everyone uses the app to find sexual partners; so let's not treat it as such.

Pro: It's fun

In fact, it's almost like a game. The fact that you can now Tinder with your friends and go out in groups makes it even more of a party. You can be as creative with the app as you'd like. In my bio, I ask people to send me song recommendations. I've found some great new artists that way.

Con: It's a slow process

Sometimes. It isn't always easy to meet up with someone. People don't always get on the app, they might lack enthusiasm, or their text conversation might just be plain boring. It's easy to lose interest fast when the conversation stalls.

Pro: You may fall for someone

It happens. You may find youself truly caring for someone you met. Now whether or not you create a false story for how you met is completley up to you.

Overall, I have more good things to say about Tinder than bad. Yes, you will have your trolls on the app but there are also a lot of really nice, genuine people.

So swipe on, my friends.

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10 Things I Definitely Don't Want To See On Your Dating Profile

It's time that people act like they are trying to market themselves, because you are.


99/100 times I swipe left on dating apps because I am hugely unimpressed with your choice of content on your profile. If you cannot impress me with your dating profile, I doubt you'll impress me in real life. Your dating profile is how you market yourself to those who might be interested in you. There are times that I am shocked to think that these are the pictures that someone actually thinks will cause women/men to want to date them.

The following are just a few immediate things that cause me to give an immediate swipe left if I see it on your dating profile.

1. A mirror selfie.

You really couldn't find anyone to take a good quality picture of yourself? A friend? A parent? A sibling? A stranger? Anyone? Plus the mirror selfie is so middle school. Do you want to be seen as a responsible adult or as a child who doesn't know how to take proper pictures of themselves? Would you send that mirror selfie to a job interview? I know dating isn't the same thing, but I think that mirror selfies are so immature and make me feel like they're not taking dating seriously.

2. Any dead animals.

Why would I want to see you posing with dead animals? It just makes me feel sad and confused. Do you regularly have dead animals hanging around? Do you think that this is supposed to impress me? Why are there so many fish? If I date you do I also have to like posing with dead fish? Will we have dead fish on every date? I get that you like to fish, but why not a nice picture of you fishing from a boat with a nice backdrop?

3. Group photos.

Immediate question: which one is you? If I can't tell that immediately from your picture then it shouldn't be on your dating profile. I'm not here to date your friends, I'm here to date you. And if I cannot tell which one is you, then I might start being attracted to your friend until I realize that it's not your friend's profile after I get 4 images deep. And that's not fair to you or to me.

4. Blurry pictures.

Once again. You couldn't find anyone to take a proper photo of you? This is the age of cell phones with crazy good cameras. Why would you choose to include a picture that is so blurry and grainy that I cannot tell who you are or what you look like. Are you trying to hide something?

5. Pictures with other women/men that could be your past significant other.

If I'm going through your pictures and I see you hugging another woman I'm going to have questions. If you're looking to start dating a woman/man then why would you include in your profile photos a picture that looks as if you already have a significant other? If it's your sibling then great, but I still wouldn't include it if the picture could possibly arise questions.

6. Children that are not your own.

If I see a picture of you with a child, I'm going to automatically assume it is yours.

7. Pets that are not your own.

If you have a picture of an animal in your profile picture then I will automatically assume it is yours. If you're posing with someone else's dog then that is false advertising.

8. Your SnapChat or Instagram account details.

Are you looking for more followers or a boyfriend/girlfriend? I'm looking for a serious relationship, not just someone to snap back and forth occasionally.

9. Pictures from more than a year ago.

Which is the real you? Maybe 4 years ago you were clean shaven and now you have a beard? 3 years ago you had bangs and now you don't. 5 years ago you were heavy set but now lost a ton of weight. Which is the real you? If you don't look the same in all your pictures or they are more than a year old, I'm going to have questions. Who would I be dating? And what are you trying to hide?

10. Pictures of you smoking.

Just eew. Gross. Smoking is an automatic no-go. Is that even considered cool anymore in a time when we know how bad smoking is for your health? This is not an attractive picture that makes me want to date you.

Basically, don't be the person with these things on your dating profile. Be respectable and mature. You are marketing yourself to your future husband/wife and I don't want to see all these other things that make me feel like you're not ready for a serious relationship.

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