Course 114-11: Stop Focusing On Dating Apps
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Course 114-11: Stop Focusing On Dating Apps

#foreveralone...your phone will make sure of it.

Course 114-11: Stop Focusing On Dating Apps

If I hear one more person obsess over a dating app, I might lose it. Therefore, when a person takes a dating app seriously, I cannot take them seriously.

I wish I could apologize for the way I feel. Yes, I am on Tinder, just like everyone in their twenties, though I am not basing my Tinder life on my real life. There is a fine line between swiping through a dating app when you're bored, then actually letting your emotions get the best of you when someone refuses to message you back. This is the problem with Generation Y. We are too focused on the screens that light up our world to see what is right in front of us: life. Our main purpose for taking photos is for the Instagram likes. We Snapchat others to show off how much fun we are having. I suppose we were born with our right thumb solely to use for swiping the surface of our iPhones until we find the one we're going to marry. Sounds like a great life, am I wrong?

Let's play devil's advocate on my thoughts. It's tough to find love these days, and frustrating if your heart keeps getting broken. Due to this lack of love or inconsistency, people result to dating apps.

If these dating apps never existed, people wouldn't be so scared to open up. The guy I've had a crush on since before I was a teenager can match with me on Tinder but can never reach out to me in person. What's next? I get married to my boyfriend and only have a cyber relationship because we are not comfortable speaking face-to-face? "Going out on a date" has become the most old-fashioned term next to "flip the tape cassette."

Please, do yourself a favor and venture out there. Be social. Break out of your comfort zone and go on dates. Dates that don't involve sitting on your couch, stuck watching a terrible movie on Netflix and avoiding real conversation.

Do not complain that you are #foreveralone when you are sitting in bed eating popcorn and multitasking, managing to swipe through Tinder while watch "House of Cards." I am telling it to you straight. These apps are setting you up for disappointment. They may be addicting, but it can get depressing once you step back and realize that this is not the way you want to meet someone.

So, to those who are upset with my opinion, I hope you treat this as food for thought. Possibly take a new approach to dating and use the apps in moderation. How about this... Go out and "live like you just turned twenty-one."

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