What Does His Date Request Say?
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What Does His Date Request Say?

Just think about mimosas.

What Does His Date Request Say?

Dating is a lengthy process. Depending on how the two of you met, you don’t really know what you’re getting into. If you didn't have enough time to stalk all of his social media and Google him, you could be going in blind. His date request could say a lot about him, though.

Here are five date requests and what they say about him.

1. Coffee.

You've already had four cups, but you wouldn't mind having another. If he wants to go grab a cup of coffee, he could be a potential winner, especially if he finds the boho chic coffee house in town. Let's get into the facts. He likes coffee which is great, because you love coffee. He's asking you out in the daylight, which means he's willing to be seen with you in public, which also means he's most likely single and if not, at least he's really brave.

Coffee dates are a great way to interact in some light conversation, and if you're ever super nervous you could always bring a shot of Bailey's or two to lighten up your mood.

2. Brunch.

The whole brunch date kind of freaks me out. Eat a big breakfast prior to and grab lunch with your friends afterwards, because you will be starving. If you're just meeting and he doesn't know your eating habits yet, you could be in for too light of a meal, and an awkward one at that. Walking up to a buffet with your mouth watering for bacon, sausage, and ham but piling your plate with cantaloupe and grapes instead is a disappointing date.

Also, the lighting at brunch is always weird; as in, there's way too much of it. He can totally see last night's makeup smudge, and if something gets stuck in your teeth, he'll probably be too embarrassed to let you know. It's great that he's classy enough to even knows what brunch is, but if you need an excuse to get out of it, tell him you're taking grandma for a walk in the park or something. But hey, if it's a must, just think about mimosas.

3. The movies.

Everyone knows the issue with going to see a movie on the first date: No talking. Dakota Johnson and Rebel Wilson are on screen, obviously he let you pick the movie, you're in the midst of a defining movie moment, and he speaks. You missed the joke and now you're frantic for some answers. You look like a total psycho and you know this is the end of that relationship.

Yes, movies are great to laugh together to find out what kind of humor the other person has, but it's an awful first date idea. He put absolutely no effort into planning something with and for you, which means he's lazy and probably forgot you were even going out together. He doesn't know how to make conversation, and outside of the movie theater, you're a talker. At least you have the rest of the night to ditch him and meet your friends out.

4. Dinner.

This is probably the best date option in the world. Unless, of course, he can pull a Christian Grey on you, fly you to a new destination and spoil you with hearts, flowers, and nothing vanilla. Always take the Christian Grey option, but if he's not quite there, dinner is close enough.

Not only is the lighting at dinner always perfect, but you get to dress up, order a real meal without feeling like it's too much, and classy drinks are always included. If he made a reservation, he really cared to impress you. A man being able to say his own name to the hostess in front of you does something for his ego, so go with it. Dinner conversation is the most flexible and the atmosphere is the most romantic. You don't typically feel rushed to leave, and if he asks you for drinks after the meal has finished, you know he's really into you.

5. Netflix and chill.

If the first time he wants to hang out with you he invites you to Netflix and chill, you must follow a very strict code of dignity. First, you say no. Next, you delete him from your phone. Then, you put on your best look. Finally, you go out and find yourself a real man.

Do not ever agree to a first date of Netflix and chilling for so many reasons. Not only is he immediately categorizing you as a booty call, but you're settling with it. You were looking for a fun date night out, and he's going to give you reruns of his favorite TV show that only aired for two seasons and a boring, lazy chill.

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