You Should Not Date A Friend Unless You Can accept these Consquences
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Never Date Anyone In Your Friend Group Unless You Can Accept These Consequences

Everything's going to change.

Never Date Anyone In Your Friend Group Unless You Can Accept These Consequences

Whether it's Rachel and Ross or Harry and Sally, we come to believe that our soulmates are right under our noses. And sometimes, that means falling for someone in your friend group and getting out of the friendzone. But the transition between friendship and more than that can be complicated and can affect more people than just you two.

Never date anyone in your friend group unless you can accept the following consequences:

1. Changing the dynamic of your friend group.

When you start dating one member of your friend group, it naturally changes the dynamics of the friend group as a whole. It can really make social encounters with the rest of your group awkward.

2. Losing your friendship.

If you breakup, it could be a disaster for your friendship, and you might never get to that level of friendship again.

3. Trying to break out of the friendzone and into romance

You're so familiar with each other and used to being friends that the first few dates and more romantic, intimate, moments may be not so magical as you might have thought. They may be awkward as you transition from friends to more than friends.

4. Issues with your other friends.

Some of the people in your friend group may be freaked out by two of their friends dating. They can't hang out with both of you anymore without feeling like a third wheel, and they may even be scared about having to choose one of you after a potential breakup. It'll probably die out, but the initial shock may cause a few issues with your other friends.

5. They know everything about you.

They know you, flaws and all. Or, it can take off the pressure, and may be the perfect set- up for a relationship.

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