Dating An A Cappella Singer
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When you Date an A cappella Singer

Is dating one really pitch perfect?

Pitch Perfect

Aside from watching "Pitch Perfect", I virtually knew nothing about a cappella until I started dating my current boyfriend, who is a member of our university's all-male group. I have learned so much of what happens behind the scenes, what the ICCAs really are, and what it takes to be in an a cappella group. But what is it like to date one of these aca-enthusiasts?

1. Do you have rehearsal...again?

You have no idea how your S.O. does it all between spending time with you, friends, and going to classes. It feels like they are always at rehearsal. The group is obsessed with their next event, no matter how many months it is away. How do they still have a voice after rehearsing that often?

2. Music choices.

Whether it be Pentatonix, college vocal groups, or the latest Tony winner, music choices seem to be limited to musicals and a capella groups. If that's not what's currently being blasted on your car radio, then all you're hearing about is how these "other" songs would sound great as an a cappella cover.

3. Their "Team".

In terms of camaraderie, an a cappella group is just like any other team. They spend an incredible amount of time together from rehearsals, to "team" dinners, to shows and competitions. When you get involved, it spreads to you, too. My boyfriend's a cappella group has been nothing but kind and welcoming to me, as well as other members' boyfriends/girlfriends.

4. The events.

Whether it's for a charity or just a college show, a cappella performances are really cool. Watching all of the singers unify to create these sounds that turn into music? Whoa.

It's also a great way to hear other groups and just verify the fact that yes, your S.O.'s group is superior due to his/her "vocal adrenaline," "genius musical skill," and cuteness.

5. The ICCAs.

Okay, so I'll admit it. I didn't know that the ICCAs were real. I only thought it existed in the "Pitch Perfect" movies. However, it's very real and very competitive. It's the main event that a cappella groups around the world strive and prepare for. Even when other events are happening for the group, they are still talking about the ICCAs.

It is the International Championship of Collegiate A Cappella, and they don't mess around. Honestly, go look up some of the winners and what they sound like. They're kind of ridiculous in the best way possible. One of the craziest things is that you now get excited to hear about ICCA news. My boyfriend's group got invited for the first time this year, and it was an incredible experience for everyone involved. Even I can't wait to go next year!

Dating an a capella singer can simply be summed up into one word: Aca-wonderful.

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