13 Ways We Use Our Phones Daily
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13 Ways We Use Our Phones Daily

Who uses a phone for "phone things" when you can end text messages, send emails, and go on social media?

13 Ways We Use Our Phones Daily
The Online Mom

Your phone is supposed to allow you to make phone calls and communicate but there are different ways for you to use that device that is always in your hand. You can lose physical papers and forget books but you probably will never forget your phone! Here are a few ways we use our phones on a day to day basis.

1. Constantly check for notifications.

Checking notifications is the most important thing you want to do because that is where you see everything. You will either see the numerous missed calls from your mom or see "No Notifications", there is no in between.

2. Go on Snapchat.

Right before you go to sleep, your phone is in your hand and you are probably tapping all of your friends' stories on Snapchat. While on Snapchat, you look for your best friends' snaps because you want to watch them. If they are not people you care much about, you just keep tapping until you have "watched" everyone's story. Either way, it is quite relaxing.

3. Set alarms, because who uses alarm clocks anymore?

After watching everyone's snaps, you go to the Alarm application and turn on your alarms. You either need one alarm to wake you up or you need five to wake you up. Either way, you are no longer slamming your hand on a boxy alarm clock.

4. Check the weather.

Is it hot or is it cold? You can not leave your room without knowing what the weather is outside. Not a lot of teenagers / college students watch the news so the Weather application is essential.

5. Send your friends games and texts.

If you ever want to talk to your friends, because no one knows that phones actually make phone calls, you text them! Instead of making life easier and saving time waiting for a response, a phone call will do you justice. Phone calls are over-rated so texting is the best thing to do. You can text your friends gifs, messages, or even play them in games. Why not try to make plans with your friends when you can just send them games, right?

6. Take pictures whether it's food or of people or screenshots.

Treasure the moment an attractive, hot, fresh meal is placed infront of you when you dine out. Do not let anyone make you feel embarrassed, capture the moment then eat the food. The pictures on my phone are 80% food, 10% people, and 10% screenshots. I capture everything and will hoard that picture because you never know when you need to look at that one weird picture you took years ago.

7. Check your bank account as if there is money in it.

To be broke or not to be broke. Checking your account, on your phone, can help you decided whether you should you to walk into the food store or turn around. Take the trip to the bank so you can at least drive off singing your favorite jam to make you happy.

8. Use it as a GPS.

Do not trust what Maps tells you to do, it might make you drive right into a river. Break out an old school map, yes they do still exist, and use it.

9. Listen to music.

Need to listen to music everywhere you go? Try digging up that old CD player or iPod touch. You can save a lot of storage by having all of your music on a separate device.

10. Call your parents (occasionally).

If you are away from home, just call your parents at least once a day. A phone call means a lot to them. If you can't make time to talk to your parents, think about how much they have helped you become who you are now.

11. Look for the bus schedule.

Need to catch a bus? You should probably check that before you leave your room because you never know if there are delays. Nothing is worse than getting ready then realizing that you just missed the bus.

12. Send or check email(s).

If you are on the run or just sitting down, you are probably reading your emails or sending them. Nothing makes an email look more professional than seeing "Sent from iPhone" at the bottom of an email.

13. Order food.

Going out to eat is so over-rated, especially when you do not have to change clothes or get ready to go out. Allow those who are working at that establishment to come bring you food but do not forget to tip them! It is the least they can do for keeping you cozy and fed.

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