Thank You Dad For Being My Role Model And Biggest Supporter

Thank You Dad For Being My Role Model And Biggest Supporter

I have, and always will look up to you!


There's no one in the world who understands me quite like you do. You're the funniest person I know, besides myself (of course), yet I owe it all to you.

There's no one I'd rather make fun of mom's crazy diction with and her additional syllables in certain words.

And speaking of words, I love that you have your own language that only a few select people understand. You take acronyms and bring them to a whole new phonetic world. You say words wrong just for the fun of it and I have unfortunately adopted this habit. I'll be complaining about how the Gnats are bad outside or how I'll need a Knife to cut my steak. Both the G and K sounded out, respectively. Sounds crazy? Well to my family it sounds normal, which is crazy.

But besides the multitude of phonetic and grammatical obstacles that you've created for my journalism major, you have supported me 100%. Growing up you always told me I should strive for something big. Something that would make me a lot of money. However, I'm sure journalism was not the major you had in mind. But thankfully you have made me feel nothing less of fully capable to create a beautiful and valuable life for myself. You believe in me and you push me to do better.

You have taught me to never settle for anything less than my wildest dreams and thanks to you I feel that I am striving for that greatness, always.

You are the most hardworking person in my life with the biggest heart and you still have time to laugh. That's what I am striving for in life.

Thank you for inspiring me to do everything I set my mind to. It's a word of advice that you're not only giving me, but you accomplished on your own. I love you, Dad.

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An Open Letter To The First Man Who Never Loved Me

I'm sorry. I thank you. I hope you're happy.

Dear "Dad,"

I'm not bitter anymore, I'm just sorry.

I'm sorry that you didn't want to be a part of my successes and would rather be my biggest failure. I'm sorry that you chose a life without me in it. I'm sorry that I accomplished so much in the past year and you've heard nothing about it. I'm sorry that you have no right to be proud of me.

I'm sorry that you will never be a part of my life again. I'm sorry that I let you hurt me this badly. I'm sorry that I put so much trust and effort into building a relationship that you just didn't want. I'm sorry that I had faith in you. Most of all, I'm sorry that I wasn't good enough for you.

I look back on all of the times that we never shared together and I don't get sad anymore. Rather, I get a sense of pride in myself. I know how strong I've become just because of your lack of existence. I know that there were people in my life who took your spot and excelled in raising me. I know that you will never see the damage you've done to me, and I promise you that I will make sure you will never see my successes as your own.

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I remember all of the times I chose you over myself. I think back on all of the times that I tried to keep you, but you still ended up walking out on me. I would like to thank you for this. Thank you for teaching me that no matter how bad I want someone in my life, it doesn't always happen.

Thank you for teaching me that I won't always get what I want. Thank you for letting me down enough times that I only view myself as dependable, and no one else. Thank you for standing back and letting me struggle when it was obvious that you could have helped me. Thank you for making me as independent and self-reliant as I am.

The credit that you don't deserve is given all to my mother. You couldn't even imagine the amount of stress that you put on her. She had to watch her daughter hate herself, believe that it was her fault and cry nightly because of a man who didn't want to be in her life. The first man to break my heart, before I even knew I had a heart to be broken, was you.

I hope you're content with your decisions. I hope you are living the life you wanted to live. I hope that you look back on the daughter that you never had and take this as a learning experience. I hope you learn. I hope you grow as a person. I hope you don't make the same mistakes you have.

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If you ever wake up one morning and want to come back into my life, don't. I don't need an apology from you. I don't need to hear your voice again. I don't need to know how you're doing, where you are or "what's new." I don't need to answer your questions. I don't need to let you into my heart just to lose you again. I don't need you.

I'm sorry.

I thank you.

I hope you're happy.

Your "Daughter"

Cover Image Credit: Zierra Treshock

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To My Firefighter, Welcome Home, Dad

You have always been my Super Man.



I can't believe after 25 years of service; you're finally retiring your position as Lieutenant Firefighter at the Warren Fire Department! It seems like just yesterday, Mom was taking me to the station where you would make me balloons out of your medical gloves and lift me up into your fire truck.

We've missed so many holidays without you, but in the end, I see that it was all worth it. I am so grateful to say that I have a dad who served as a firefighter and has also come home safe in the end. You have shown me what it truly means to commit 100% and put your life out on the line for the better good of the world, and that means so much to me. Your bravery, courage, and strength have left an immense imprint on the community of your people during your tenure as a Firefighter.

I will never forget asking mom why you were gone so much as a child before I knew how much of a responsibility your job as a first responder really was, but now I truly see how much you were willing to give of yourself to not only serve the people but to support your wife and kids. I may have been secretly afraid that you weren't going to make it home many times, but I always knew in my heart that you were doing the right thing in the name of benevolence and family. It just makes it that much more of a blessing to see you safe at home in the end, where we can appreciate you for all that you have done and all that you have become after these 25 years.

In this tribute, I want to thank you. I want to thank you for being the loyal, impactful, assertive, righteous, prideful, selfless, and dedicated person that you are. Without you and your support, I wouldn't be half the person I am today. Not only would I not be who I am today, but so many people in the Warren community would not be who they are today. You have touched the lives of the people you have helped, and they would not be the same without you. Who knows? If it weren't for your heroism, some of them might not even be leading the lives that they are today. It's the butterfly effect. You may only touch a few people in your life, but what matters is that you've touched them deeply. That's one thing you've taught me that I will carry with me always. For that, I owe you and the rest of the Firefighter community my greatest appreciation.

It must be so surreal for you to be leaving a position that has been so close to your heart and that you have held for so long, but I can tell you that Mom & I are so ready to welcome you back home with open arms. You can rest in recognition and great pride in the fact that you have served your great purpose in the world.

Now sit back, relax, and crack open a beer! Here's to Lieutenant Steve D. Zanin signing out, for good.

I love you bunches!

Your Daughter. xo

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