Why Cyber Monday Is Better than Black Friday

Are you like me and absolutely hate being in large crowds? Do you lose all sense of patience for life when you’re only trying to purchase one item but the line is far too long to even think its worth the deal you’re scoring? Would you rather sleep than stay up all night long just to save money?

I dated this guy back in the day who once said to me that he makes decisions based on his worth of time. It was the only thing he had ever said to me that made complete sense. And I have no idea why it stuck with me for so long or how someone so stupid could make such a smart comment. No bitterness there I swear. Anyways, his point was he would rather spend more money on a fancy dinner with good company than saving a dollar on a quick in and out meal with someone he didn’t really care for. He would also spend more of his money on drugs than pay his electric bill, priorities. Anyways his words stuck with me in the sense that I too value my time and how I spend it. I would rather lose out on a huge sale than have to deal with a crowd of people. Which is why Cyber Monday has become my savior.

Shopping online is amazing, and with Amazon Prime it’s even more amazing. Although a lot of websites do free shipping on Cyber Monday. If you are like me, you usually fall for the spend over $50 and get free shipping but all you really need/want is $30 so you spend and extra $20 just so you don’t have to pay the $4 shipping. It’s a mind game that businesses have got me convinced I’m winning that deal. That’s why I really appreciate the free shipping on that day, because I don’t have to spend the extra money. Cyber Monday has also become such a big day for sites that there are in fact some great deals too. So I mean why not skip Black Friday?

I do know a lot of people who do enjoy black Friday shopping. Maybe they like the commotion or they just like saving all the money, I will agree some of the deals are pretty rad. But regardless, I would still rather spend more money and sleep off my full belly than pull an all nighter. I feed off energy really easy, so when I’m in crowded places I find myself panicking and my anxiety heightens. I get annoyed with people for breathing in my direction, and it’s no fault of theirs its just my emotions going insane. If you’re also like me, you have a super busy schedule that going out to shop is limited. Cyber Monday makes life a little simpler because you can get shopping done for everyone on your list in a smaller amount of time than going out physically to the multiple stores you are shopping from. Why wouldn’t you shop cyber Monday? Less stress and more convenient.

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