Weakness of laws concerning cyber crimes

Weakness of laws concerning cyber crimes in Asia

Cyber crimes in Asian Countries


Cyber Crime in Asia

There are some provisions concerning cyber crimes in numerous laws in Asian country. However there's nobody penalization on cyber crimes in Asian country. The department that deals with Internet isn't conducted by the consultants of web technology. The litigator feels insecurity to file a case that he has become victims. Our cyber judicature has not given any reward judgment. These conjointly limit the plaintiffs to not file a case against the cyber criminals. The legal code in Asian country as like Bangladesh named the legal code 1860 has no any provision on that is important within the contemporary world.

Section sixty eight of ICT Act ensures that a judicature named cyber judicature is going to be established in every district of the country Bangladesh however there's just one cyber judicature in Dhaka. It's conjointly a weakness of law in Asian country to safeguard cyber crimes. As there's no enough protective measures in Asian country, the criminals get chance to try to any activities in line with their can. We've got laws however there's no sturdy application of laws. Even we've got no any consultants concerning cyber crimes.

Recently some new laws are created though it's not sufficient to remove cyber crimes from the root…It's the reality of most of the Asian countries. Here people all walks of life misuse the virtual technology and some are victimized by others…Now a day we're seeing some changes yet it's not enough…Hopefully some of the Asian countries Govt. have taken some initiative to resolve these issues…


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