Being a college student, I can't tell you how many times a day I see someone grabbing their mod or their juul and taking a drag as they're walking to their next class or walking back to their dorms. Nothing fills my lungs with happiness like getting a big whiff of mango cancer as I'm trying to walk to my class or get to my car. It's the best feeling.

I'm being totally sarcastic. I think the entire idea of vaping is stupid. It was originally developed as a way for people who smoked cigarettes to wean themselves off of the killing sticks and lower their nicotine dosage but over time, I've seen the complete opposite. Ever since people started to catch on to the concept of vaping instead of smoking cigarettes, blunts, joints, etc., it seems that the problem just keeps escalating. There really hasn't been a decrease in the amount of people vaping/smoking. Do they realize that they're slowly killing themselves? You might think your cotton candy juice that goes into your mod is great, but you're still putting nicotine into your body; You're still putting yourself at risk for ruining your body as you get older.

The most disgusting thing to hear is someone hacking up a lung because they just took the fattest drag from their juul (which I like to call an adult pacifier or a make-shift flash drive) and try to perform some 'sick vape tricks'. You honestly are just making yourself look really stupid. No one cares about the O's you can blow out of your mouth or the 'wicked' tornado clouds you can whip up because you have a lot of extra time on your hands to watch YouTube videos on how to do vape tricks.

THAT'S CRINGE: Vape Hotbox

As someone who's been exposed to smoking their entire life as they've had family members who smoked or continue to smoke today, I can definitely say that I never will be one to do that. I've seen the health effects that it does to your body. Even the littlest dose of nicotine can be addicting to someone and the fact that they have to then rely on something so toxic and dangerous is sad to me. Appleton, Wisconsin recently banned public vaping and I applaud them for taking that step forward and realize that the smoke coming from these mods and pens is harming more people than those who are taking the drags realize.

The tobacco industry is thriving off of these teens and young adults who buy these tropical paradise flavored pods because they're addicting and the companies are profiting off of the addiction of these gullible children. These companies developing E-Cigarettes claim that they're dramatically decreasing the health risks posed by smoking normal cigarettes, but, if someone is simply taking their normal amount of nicotine and placing it into a vape pen, they're doing the complete opposite of what the electronic cigarette was created for.

It's not that I'm saying that these weren't good inventions, to begin with, because they were. Electronic cigarettes when they were first introduced, I thought, were going to be beneficial to those who were used to smoking packs a day if they wanted to start taking in lower doses. But, as I've grown up and more and more people are just seeing that it's the 'norm' or the 'cool thing' to do in order to fit in with a certain group of people, there really is no positive outcomes from vaping. You're just filling the air with second-hand smoke and putting those who don't vape at risk for ruining their lungs simply by walking outside and trying to enjoy the fresh air but can't enjoy said fresh air when it's filled with watermelon cancer scented smoke.