Top 11 Cutest and Badass Pokemon, According To Science
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Top 11 Cutest Pokemon That Have The Potential To Eff You Up, According To Science

Gotta CATCH ‘Em All, all 700+, that is!

Top 11 Cutest Pokemon That Have The Potential To Eff You Up, According To Science

If you haven't heard, Pokemon: Detective Pikachu is out in theaters now! Being an avid Pokemon trainer fan, you know I had to go see it once it premiered. While I'm eager to give the movie my honest review (slight spoiler alert: it's amazing and I loved it), in celebration I want to talk about just a few of the cutest and most badass Pokemon everyone should know about. Prepare to “AWWWW" in unison!


Xy And Z Pokemon GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY Giphy

Ghost type? Check. Cute little fangs? Check. The right combination of cute, feisty, spooky, and powerful? You got that right! This is undoubtedly my favorite Pokemon of all time, and it's not one you wanna mess with!


Pokken Tournament Added Emolga GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY Giphy

I always have a hard time picking my favorite starters because they're all so cute in their own way. Snivy is one of my favorites because of how powerful it really is despite its tiny size, and its evolutions are menacing. But most importantly, LOOK AT THOSE GIANT EYES.


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Based on the sci-fi novel "Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep?", Ampharos and its evolutionary line packs a powerful electric punch. And with its unique Mega Evolution, it acquires the elusive and highly-coveted Dragon-type and a mane that even Fabio would be jealous of!


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Jirachi is a legendary Pokemon in its own right. It's practically a tiny, shining star. But one thing you should never do is underestimate its almighty power. If you find one, keep it in your party and show your rivals what you're really made of!


Dedenne GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY Giphy

Dedenne is one of the many electric rodents in the Pokemon universe. And boy, is it ever ADORABLE! I think its Fairy-type combined with its Electric-type may play a minor role in that.


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It's a Ghost and Grass-type tree with the cutest little eyes and mouth! Seriously, every time I see a Phantump I get the urge to hug it and be its friend. Its subsequent evolution, only obtainable through trading, is rather vicious...which makes this little guy even better!


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No doubt one of the most popular Pokemon of Gen VII, Mimikyu is a perfect combination of adorable and damn frightening. Rumor has it that peeking under its Pikachu facade can cause severe injury, so watch out! Instead, admire its facade and add it to your party, since it's a pretty lonely thing and could use a friend or two.


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Dragon-type is one of my top favorite types to play with. So it's no doubt that Axew, being both pure Dragon-type and pure all-around cuteness, has earned its place on its list. Just look at its cute little eyes and tusks...and its mighty evolutions!


Pokemon Xy GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY Giphy

A firefox. Literally. Don't you just wanna squeeze its face and feel its fluffy ears?! Actually, considering it emits hot air of over 390 degrees Fahrenheit out of its ears, feeling its ears may not be a great idea. But everything else is fair game, so feel free to snuggle with it!


Pokemon My S GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY Giphy

It's cute, pink, Fairy-type, and best of all, it has one tooth. Clefairy manages to make having a singular tooth look freaking adorable!

Fun fact: Clefairy was originally slated to be Ash's companion in the anime, but Pikachu's overwhelming popularity with fans won out! Wait, was that a spoiler alert for the #1 cutest Pokemon...?


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Electric mouse, a cultural icon, and all-around OG; of course Pikachu is the cutest and the most powerful; is that even a question?! Its Thunderbolt is wicked impressive and packed with energy, and sometimes that's all you need to kick some behind! Enough said.

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