Cute Things To Make Your Room Feel More Like Home
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Student Life

Cute Things To Make Your Room Feel More Like Home

Everyone's goal for their room is to make it feel as comfortable and as similar to home as possible. This is something that I strive to reach for my room and wanted to help you make your room feel this way as well.

Cute Things To Make Your Room Feel More Like Home

Here are 10+ ways to make your room cute and feel like home:

1. Towel Hangers

After taking a shower you are usually left with a damp towel and nowhere to put it. I went to Walmart and got a hat hanger that you can hang inside your closet and hang my towels in there. It is the best way to dry your towels and, another bonus, no one will see it.

2. Paper Plates

This is something that is essential for every dorm. Whenever you order pizza and have your friends around, paper plates are the best thing to have available. It also makes lives so much easier because you don't have to wash paper plates!

3. Throw Blankets

This is something that I categorize as essential for every student. There are so many moments where I am doing my homework and the room gets cold, having a blanket is the best thing to have by your side. Instead of having to get in bed, just wrap yourself in your favorite fluffy blanket.

4. Sturdy Hamper

Another essential is a sturdy hamper, which you can get almost anywhere. It's so important to have a sturdy hamper because we all know that laundry is put off till the last minute, so it's gotta hold all our stinky clothes.

5. Corkboard

This is something I use to hold cute pictures of my friends and family and it also can hold assignments, like ones that are due in 2-3 weeks. This is something that I look at every day and it is also a great way to remind yourself of assignments you may have forgotten.

6. Cute Short Rug

This is something that I always try to have in my dorm room, cause it just adds a pop of color to the room and is something that makes the room feel more like home. Rugs are also a way to chill with friends and play games like Cards Against Humanity. For myself, I sometimes to do homework on the floor since the rug is comfy.

7. Ottoman

Pouffe Soft Furniture White Ottoman

I find this as something that is a necessity. I use my ottoman multiple times a day, and the best part is I store things in it like my throw blankets. When my friends come over it also makes a great stool. For some people, if they have raised beds ottomans can be used as a step stool. I just love them for all their multiple uses and patterns.

8. Throw Pillows

Throw pillows are something that I am obsessed with and am always looking for more (I may actually have a problem). But the best thing about them is they are great to use when taking a short nap or need something to lean on while you're on the computer. I also like how they add pops of color and help brighten up the mood of a room!!

9. Comfortable Chair

Whenever I go over to other friends dorms I always loved how there were chairs that I could sit in, besides the desk chairs that everyone has in their dorms. A common chair that can be found are the bungee chairs and they're also extremely comfortable. They also make the room feel welcoming to guests.

10. Cute Lamp

This is something that is on my list of things to buy for myself because the lamps I own are not the best lamps. I find lamps very helpful when it comes to finals week. When I am up late at night studying or finishing up homework. Instead of having to use the bright room light and waking up roommates, using a lamp allows roommates to sleep and still allow me to see my work.

11. Desk Organizer

The best way to keep yourself organized is to buy something that can keep your desk organized. For my room, I have a small bucket with polka-dots on it and I have all my pens, markers, and pencils. It makes your desk less cluttered and allows you to have easier access to utensils while doing homework.

12. Keurig

This is something that I use every day, whether it is before or after class. You can buy K-cups in any store and can get almost anything in them. You could get tea, coffee, hot chocolate, and other flavors. Keurigs are great to use before class and I find it cheaper than constantly buying drinks from Starbucks. I also love the smell of the room when you make your drink.

13. Mugs or Cups

Book Mug Cup Eyeglasses

I am completely obsessed with mugs and have a growing collection in my room and always get them as gifts. They are cute to have around the room and are great when you have friends over and want to just sit around and spill some 'tea'. I also have tall cups that allow me to take them with me around campus and to class while still keeping my drink warm.

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