I Asked 10 Friends For Their First-Kiss Stories, And They Gave Me The Cringey AND The Cute
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I Asked 10 Friends For Their First-Kiss Stories, And They Gave Me The Cringey AND The Cute

Does your first kiss story match up to any of these?

I Asked 10 Friends For Their First-Kiss Stories, And They Gave Me The Cringey AND The Cute

Whether you have had your first kiss or not, listening to others stories can be entertaining, light and fun or it could take a turn and be sad and downright awkward as hell. I reached out and asked a few of my friends and family to tell me their first kiss stories.

So, get the popcorn and enjoy.

Todd: "And then I went down...."

It was summer camp. I was 15 and she was 17. It was our last night of camp and we met each other at the DJ dance party. She talked to me first and by the end of the evening, we exchanged numbers. The next morning before we left, we snuck into a room and we go in for a hug but then we both decided to go for it. The positioning was weird as hell and it was super slobbery. And then I went down...to my parent's car and we talked a little after that but yea.

Ron: "Lived happily ever after"

We were in my basement and Ginny and I had just figured out that we liked each other. As she was leaving I wanted to give her a kiss. We hugged in the basement and I didn't do it. I knew that if we hugged again I would do it. As she was leaving at the front door we hugged again. At the end of the hug, I leaned in and kissed her. And we lived happily ever after...

Serena: "Nervous and it was awkward"

I don't really have a cute story lol but I guess just that I was nervous and it was awkward, like not the situation but like uhh what is this and I've never done this and now it's much more natural and easygoing haha.

Grace: "uhh three guys?" 

Three guys one night. But I don't know which was my first kiss because I was super drunk. I guess I really love kissing now though.

Conner: "Like something out of a movie"

I was in 8th grade, so I would have been 14. I had a crush on one of the neighborhood girls, and one day we were by ourselves and we kissed. Turns out she had a crush on me too. It was super awkward but it's just funny looking back on it now. Yeah, like something out of a movie.

Jessica: "Everyone thought I was stealing her man"

Alright... so it was my freshmen year and I'm at this ice cream social and this guy and I start dancing but were quickly separated because of the strict "no back to front dancing" rule. But we figured we'd keep dancing just not back to front. Eventually, he leans in and tries to kiss me but I wasn't sure I wanted to so I blocked him by putting my forehead on his nose. This happened like twice and then I was like "let's just go for it" and kissed him. I had no idea what I was doing so it was hella awkward. Almost immediately after we kissed, my friend pulled me way from him and told me to my horror that the guy that I had just kissed was one of my new classmates first kiss just the weekend earlier. Everyone found out and for the rest of the night, my whole grade (which is pretty small so everyone knows each other) thought I was stealing her man. Eventually, everyone calmed down but still not the ideal first kiss.

Jen: "The beanbag chair complicated things" 

My first kiss happened in my basement on a beanbag chair. This girl and I had been flirting for a while and ended up grabbing me by the collar and pulling me in for a kiss. The problem was that the beanbag was super squishy and wobbly so we ended up missing each other's lips and kissing the air... after laughing it off the kiss ended up being really cute.

Sam: "And then she grabs me in the nuts" 

I was at the beach in Alabama. I had talked to this girl all week. We decided to go back to the condo with all our friends. As we got on the elevator to go up to our rooms, my friends stayed behind. When we got to her floor, I leaned in and gave her a hug. We met eyes and then started kissing as the elevator went back down. Next thing I know she grabs me in the nuts as she pushes all the buttons on the elevator. At this point, it had turned to open mouth (I don't know what I was doing for the record) and then bam — a tongue appeared very deep in mouth. My gag reflex almost happened. We got back to her floor finally and that was that.

Becs: "My tongue was high-key bleeding"

Honestly, super gross but I had liked this guy for a while and we were hanging out at his house when next thing I know he leans over and says "I'm going to kiss you." I turned bright red but just nodded my head and next thing I know his tongue is halfway down my throat and he bites my tongue. My tongue is high-key bleeding at this point and I am trying to like regain my mouth when I say, "Yo, my tongue is bleeding" and then he was like "Oh, that's fine." Needless to say, I left pretty quickly after that with my bleeding tongue.

Lachlan: "Throw up"

So, I'm at this party and this guy approaches me and hands me this bottle of Jack Daniels. And I was like alright cool. Anyway, I'm holding this bottle and this hot chick walks up and asks if she can have a sip of my handle. And naturally, I give it to her. Well, a sip turned into half the bottle and the next thing I know she's puking everywhere. As I lean down to see if she was alright, she turned her mouth and full on kissed me like tongue and all and then proceeded to throw up in my mouth. All I was trying to do was check to see if she was good. I then ran right outside and threw up everywhere. I still have not recovered.

*Names have been changed for privacy

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