Starting from a stellar design to flexibility, purchase displays fit the client’s marketing strategy in almost every aspect. The plastic packaging companies’ are always dedicated to delivering the most effective and attractive displays for any product by maintaining the balance between appeal and utility. The custom point of purchase displays quickly grabs the attention of consumers with their design and short tag lines regarding the product. Catering to a variety of industries in thicknesses ranging from 0.20 inches to 0.125 inches, and in run capacity from 5 parts to over 5 million parts, these displays also come in a range of colors to attract more customers.

Some of the most flexible options for custom point of purchase (POP) displays are available in the market so as to suit any and all consumer needs. It primarily includes Cosmetic Lotions 3 piece POP Custom Display, Custom Thermoforming of the Antennas, the trays for the Electronics Industry, and Custom Thermoformed of the PVC Clamshell that is required for the Outdoor Sports Industries. It also comprises engineering and development of the Custom PETG Trays and Lid for the Medical Industries, and much more. Some of the main advantages of buying a point of purchase display are:

  • Flexibility and Customization: Caters to a wide spectrum of industries in various uses from customized trays and lids to cosmetic holders. Customized to the tiniest specification, they satisfy all customer requirements.
  • Augmented Business: Flourishing businesses all use these displays to showcase their products and attract consumers. Available in a variety of shapes, colors, and thicknesses, they can be tailor made to suit any product.
  • One design, Many Production Run: Crafted to suit any consumer, these displays are available in any quantity required. From five to five million, the same design can be reproduced to serve customers.

What is the Role of a Plastic Packaging Supplier?

Custom plastic packaging suppliers have been around for a long time and thermoformed packaging is a time tested quality product that is used in retail, automotive, electronics, food, medical, industrial, and beauty and cosmetics to optimize space usage and display of goods. Thermoformed packaging is completely customizable to the letter and comes in all shapes and sizes as per the requirements of the client.

There are several advantages to buying plastic packaging. Firstly, there is the obvious fact that the products are largely customizable. A custom plastic packaging supplier delivers the products in many forms such as rota section, nesting, and detesting stack, as well as non-stack, making them easy to carry in large quantities. Some of the biggest advantages of buying plastic packaging are:

  • Completely customized products - Ranging from a single cell tray to hold a single product to multi-cavity cells to store and display more than one product, made flexible to suit any organizational scheme, these custom made packing plastics sacrifice neither appeal nor performance with their easy to stack design.
  • Wide variety of products - Commonly used materials include PVC, PET, PETG, ESD, and Conductive materials, Flocked HIPS and PVC, Polypropylene, LDPE, HDPE, MDPE, ABS, HIPS, and EPS etc., each with their own niche market across several industries.
  • Ease of marketing: Custom made plastic packaging can be used to not only safeguard products but also bring in new clientele using attractive containers.