10 Fun Ideas That Are Sure To Cure Winter Break Boredom

With over a month of break ahead for college students, it's easy to lose oneself in a sea of boredom. The following list, in addition to many other activities, is a sure cure for this boredom. Enjoy!

1. Work out!

I know we all said we would stay healthy during the semester, but let's be real, who actually keeps up with fitness when there's a thing called finals? If you have a gym membership, now's the perfect time to make use of it. And if you don't, make your own gym at home. Some weights and a good pair of running shoes is all you need to stay in shape. Plus, you could get creative and join a kickboxing or spin class.

2. Pick up a new hobby

Winter break is the perfect time to pick up a new hobby. Find something that interests you (knitting, playing sports, reading, writing) and get to it. If you don't know what to do, try to keep a journal or read a book... for fun. Sounds crazy, but you may actually enjoy yourself.

3. Road trip!

Who could say no to a road trip? Find a cool local spot to visit (or somewhere farther if you choose) and head out with friends or family. Make sure you stock up with tons of snacks and a fire playlist, though.

4. Learn a new language

One word: Duolingo! Duolingo makes it so easy to learn a new language, and there's no lack of time over break. Dedicating a few minutes each day could leave you fluent in whichever language you wish to learn. Vamanos amigos!

5. Go on a food tour

Going on a food tour is the perfect activity for all you foodies. Gather a couple of friends, research some valid food spots, and go out and explore. In addition to discovering new places to eat, you'll have a bunch of Insta-worthy pictures.

6. Find a binge-worthy Netflix series

A whole month of break is the perfect opportunity to either catch up on old TV shows or pick out a new series to start. Whether it be a thrilling drama or a knee-slapping comedy, the perfect show will for sure keep you occupied.

7. Prepare ahead for the upcoming semester

Yes, I understand that winter break means a break from all schoolwork. However, if you have time on your hands, there's nothing wrong with familiarizing yourself with next semester's coursework. Look through the syllabus and skim through any textbooks if possible. A little bit of work during break can go a long way during the semester.

8. Shop until you drop

A new year doesn't have to mean a new you, but a little wardrobe change never hurt anyone. Head to the mall with some friends and see what you can find. Bonus points if you hit a thrift store or flea market.

9. Learn a few new recipes

Fine cuisine in college consists of instant noodles and microwavable taquitos, but at home the possibilities are endless. Find some online recipes and get to cooking. In addition to being a fun activity, it can prove to be useful in the future.

10. Catch up with friends and family

While the semester left no time for the important people in your life, winter break is the perfect time to catch up with friends and family. Meet up with your high school friends and reminisce on old times. Worst case scenario, you'll be bored together.

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