Being a girl is tough. We’re expected to be emotional creatures who love to talk about feelings. We’re supposed to be extremely girly and giggly and feel everything deeper. We’re even expected to cry more often than a man. But what about the girls who would rather push aside their hurt and feelings, instead of wasting their time thinking about past hurts?

Yes, I am that girl. I like trying my best NOT to be emotional. I hate myself when I cry, and if I do cry it is probably over a sad movie. To be quite honest, I get annoyed when I even cry over a sad movie. As I’m sure you can guess, this has become a problem in my love life.

I am a very guarded person. I’m that girl who will say she’s ‘fine’ when she obviously is not. I’ll usually tell you I don’t want to talk about it, and will just deal with it by myself. Yes, I know what you are thinking. It is not healthy to bottle up feelings; it is good to feel hurt and pain. Is it for everyone though?

Why should a girl who got her heart broken sit in bed and cry about it for months? Why should an individual sit around and talk about his or her feelings, when actions should just show them? I get that some people like to talk about how they feel but I would rather not talk about it. I would rather go on with my life, and try my best not to discuss it.

No, this doesn’t make me heartless. It just makes me not “girly.” But what is being girly? We have to cry and eat ice cream while talking about feelings? There is nothing wrong with not wanting to talk about your feelings all the time. So a question to think about: How do I incorporate my way of thinking when being with a person who thoroughly enjoys talking about emotions?

Honestly, it’s both a tricky and difficult situation. Being a girl in a relationship who does not like being extremely ‘lovey-dovey’ at times can be hard. The best thing to do in this situation is being honest. You are who you are, and just because you don’t feel like talking about feelings and aren't emotional doesn’t make you “un-girly’ it makes you YOU.

I have been called masculine because of it, but in all honesty, I would not want to be overly emotional. Whenever something dramatic happens, I’m usually good at taking a step back and thinking about the situation.

I think when really thinking about why I am not as emotional as some, it comes from personal heartbreak I have experienced. After getting my heart broken, I kind of shut down and haven’t gotten attached to anything since.

It may seem sad to some, but in the end, I think I’m stronger for it. Things happen, and life goes on. If I need my monthly cry, I’ll just throw on The Notebook.