Heaven Is A State Of Mind
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Heaven Is A State Of Mind

We were given the choice to choose between a Heaven on Earth, or a living Hell.


I find it baffling that the majority of people that I observe on a daily basis drag through life as if the fact that we are breathing weren't some spectacular miracle.

I wonder if people take notice of the things that I do. Take things in like I do. If they ever think about what the purpose of human life is. What their purpose is.

Do they appreciate or find joy in the small things? The details?

The way the stars glow on some nights. The softness of a flower petal. The way the heart pumps heavier and heavier when you think about something you're passionate about.

Because from what I see, these people I just described seemed to have already chosen to die during their time on Earth. They chose to dim the light, or to not even care in the matter to be their own existential light in their morose world.

Their focus is on all the wrong things, like making others happy while draining themselves. They are maintaining their ego-driven worlds by updating their online friends on what types of foods they're eating and all of the places that they're going to, without even realizing that they're not living their best lives.

Their true purposes aren't being fulfilled. They're so stuck in their nine to five, materialistic lives that they've lost sight on the important things. The important lessons needed to be learned during our precious time on Earth. The way we touch others' lives. The way we perceive ourselves, despite external opinions and assumptions.

To see what I mean, take a look at today's parenting for instance. Some parents, caught up in their busy lives, made the choice to raise their toddlers with iPad games, easing their job. This is why each generation is progressively getting more reliant on their phones as well as social media.

When you go out to any restaurant, take notice of the conversations people have. Needless to say, there's minimal interaction.

I just saw a woman in the car next to me holding her newborn baby in one hand, with her phone on the other. Scrolling for what seemed to be forever. Let's just say that the image of the connection between the mother and the baby was cold, quite opposite of my affectionate mom.

What humanity is lacking is the warmth. Authentic energy exchange between humans. Parents and their children. Boyfriend and girlfriend. Stranger to stranger.

People want to be loved and acknowledged for being themselves.

People are so caught up in updating others of their activities, that they're really not engaging in them. They're not actually creating new memories; they're either reliving past experiences by watching previous videos and Snap stories, or they're watching others live perfect lives.

They're watching others "live" and then comparing their own lives to the deception of their friends' perfect lives, causing self-destructive behavior. Isn't that sad?

They've made a choice, probably without analyzing into it, that their happiness lies at the end. Their retirement is when they gave themselves permission to enjoy their lives. Or when they graduate college. Never now.

They're putting all of their hope in the fallacy that their joy will be attained in the future. But what that really means is that they're also living within the lines that they drew for themselves.

These people begin to be clones of each other like they were copy and pasted. Molded perfectly within society's narrow walls. They hide from within their comfort zones. Behind their screens, wishing for a better version of themselves.

So they wait for a change. Not knowing how to balance out their lives. Not really sure how to construct the lives that they truly desire. So they mope in the dark clouds that they manifested.

Because they wait, they're not living in the present moment. They're in what I like to call "hibernation mode", saving all of their energy and happiness for the future. Not now.

Ever since I started reading the book "Waking Up in 5D" by Maureen Germain, I've improved my own personal philosophy and view on life significantly. I've found that the purpose of life is to make a Heaven on Earth. We can do that by surrounding ourselves with nothing but positivity, things that we find joy in, and by experiencing life to the fullest.

All of my life when I spoke or heard of Heaven or Hell, I thought of it as a "place" that our souls go to at the end of our physical lives. From what I've been reading and experiencing, I believe that Heaven is a mental state. We were given the choice to either live in peace (Heaven) or burn up in our thoughts (Hell).

Let that one sink in.

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