Crazy Bachelorette Parties Are Pointless To Me
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Crazy Bachelorette Parties Are Pointless To Me

Go out, do crazy stuff, get trashed, wake up and feel like crap? Why do that to yourself?

Crazy Bachelorette Parties Are Pointless To Me
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Getting married is such a wonderful time of two individuals. You get to enjoy the wedding planning, celebration, gifts, each other, and oh the parties. While it may be tradition to have a bachelorette party, I see no use in it.

I understand the point of a bachelorette party, but me personally; I do not see why I need one. Usually people want one last shabang to celebrate being “single”. I guess I do not understand this even though I do. Why would you want to celebrate being “single” for one last night? Instead, why not enjoy that you are about to embark on an amazing journey with another person. Some people see it this way and that is okay. However, it is not for me.

Another thing that I cannot comprehend is why going out to a strip club or some place similar, get plastered, and possible put yourself in a position to be unfaithful? Again, some people enjoy doing this and I am not bashing those who do. However, I would rather sit at home with my significant other and enjoy their company. I don’t need to go out and celebrate getting married by watching others dance half naked while intoxicated. I acknowledge there are other ways to celebrate but isn’t this the most common way? From what I’ve seen, it is.

An argument I’ve heard is that you are able to enjoy with your friends the fact you are going to get married. I understand that part, but can’t you do that at the wedding? Can’t you do that after the wedding? It is not like I am going to hold my significant other hostage and not allow anyone to see him. Isn’t the wedding where you’re supposed to celebrate? These are just the thoughts and questions that pop into my head when considering a party.

Others bring up the point that they are celebrating being single for the last time. To me being single is not having a significant other at all. People act like they cannot go out and have a good time once married so they have to do it before the wedding. This is totally false in my book. I get celebrating with your friends or family before the big day, but doing it to celebrate being single for the last time seems like a silly reason to me.

If I were to go out and have a bachelorette party I would want it simple. Something like dinner with some close friends, maybe a bottle of wine with some games and laughs. Everyone has different tastes, style and preferences. I just honestly do not see the point of a bachelorette party, which is why I am not having one.

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