Two Friends are an epic DJ and producer duo made up of Matthew Halper and Eli Sones. They are most famously known for their 'Big Bootie' mixes, which are hour long compilations of both new and old songs. This fall Two Friends has done it again. They have swept social media with the release of Big Bootie Mix 14. It is comprised of beat drops, different genres of music, and songs from various time periods, so there is something for everyone. Whether it be on your way to class, singing in the shower, or working out at the gym, Big Bootie 14 is what you need to be blasting. To put it simply: it bumps.

1. It's the best one. 

Big Bootie 14 is hands down the best. Plain and simple.

2. Beat drops. 

No one can resist a beat drop that gets your heart racing. Big Bootie 14 does not fall short in the 'sick beat drop' category.

3. There's something for everyone. 

Two Friends combines new and old songs in their mixes, which make them perfect for every age group. Songs range from classic Tom Petty to 2018 Cardi B.

4. Good workout music.

The hour long remix is perfect for a work out. You'll never get bored of a song, and you won't have to worry about switching your music!

5. Perfect for a party. 

You'll never have to worry about picking a song everyone will like if you crank Mix 14 at a party. There is something for everyone to sing along to!

6. Dance Anthems. 

From Party in the U.S.A to I Gotta Feeling, Mix 14 covers all of your favorite dance songs.

7. All different genres. 

Country. Rap. Pop. Rock. You name it, and Big Bootie Mix 14 has it.

8. 1 hour of pure jams. 

Don't worry about changing the song. Just put it on and enjoy.

9. Throwback music. 

Everyone loves hearing a good throwback. This mix includes Fire Burning by Sean Kingston and Bon Jovi's Livin' on a Prayer.

10. Minute 33:26. 

If you're looking for an epic mix of Tequila by Dan and Shay, look no further. This segment includes Don't Let Me Down by the Chainsmokers, Drift Away by Uncle Kracker, and Tequila by Dan and Shay.

11. Never get tired of a song. 

The songs in this mix switch frequently, so it's nearly impossible to get tired of a particular song!

12. Appreciate the creativity. 

When you listen to this you can't help but think about all the effort that must have went into creating it. The remixes fit so perfectly together and the creativity of meshing certain beats with other lyrics makes this remix awesome.

13. Minute 18:21. 

This segment includes I Gotta Feeling by The Black Eyed Peas, Swing-Swing by the All American Rejects, American Pie by Don McLean, and Taste by Tyga.

14. Just listen to it. 

You won't regret it.