5 Crafty Gifts For Special Occasions

5 Crafty Gifts For Special Occasions

Make a gift special by adding some of your own work to it!


It's always amazing receiving holiday/birthday wishes and gifts when the time comes around, but there are other gifts that can be given rather than a card and money. In fact, some of the most special gifts are those that are made by hand. Regardless of who the gift goes to, there is always something special, no matter how small or big, that can be gifted to someone in your life.

DIY (do it yourself) projects have been a huge trend on the internet, and there are so many different ideas out there on Pinterest, YouTube, etc. Here are some ideas along with some inspiration to get your wheels turning.

  1. Homemade card. Making a unique card is much more special because it can be catered to that person, and there are so many directions to go! It can be simple, thoughtful, funny, and just about any style that would best with the occasion. (Need inspiration? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Aa5pN_3h7ag)
  2. Mason jars. There are a lot of gifts that can be put into mason jars whether that would involve painting, adding candy or food, and so much more. This category has a variety of unique gifts. One idea is writing words or sentences on popsicle sticks and putting them in a mason jar. All you need are wooden popsicle sticks (size may vary), a mason jar, and a permanent marker. The sticks can have meaningful thoughts, compliments, etc. (Need inspiration? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=weIiZGQrzlg)
  3. String art. This type of crafty gift is perfect for decoration. The supplies needed would be small, thin nails, a hammer, wood, and string. The idea is to nail down a design on some type of wood and then wrapping the string around and between the nails to bring out the design. There are a lot of tutorials out there that go in depth with the process. (Need inspiration? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PYQW43Zqoco)
  4. Shadowbox. These can be very fun and do not require much crafting (depending on what is put inside). A shadow box is a picture frame that allows you to put 3D work on the inside along with 2D items. The crafting comes from putting the box together and organizing it in a way that would fit the specific recipient of the gift. Some ideas include placing fake flowers along the sides of the frame with the photos in the middle, placing mementos all along the inside around the photos, and so much more. (Need inspiration? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oQIuPwYTkaw)
  5. Unique cups/mugs. The idea here is essentially grabbing a plain cup/mug and finding ways to decorate it for a specific person. This idea can go in different ways. Some people like to do this by using a water-based marker, nail polish, tape, paint, and more. (Need inspiration? (1) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dCWkh-CmsIU (2) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9oJgjoTBSUM)

The next time you are thinking of a gift idea for someone, try making something that requires crafting. The gift immediately has more meaning, and it makes the person feel much more special.

Side note: here is an extensive video on many different DIY projects! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pwXxqRBpe9o

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To My Boyfriend's Mom

He loves you more than you could ever imagine...

Without you, there would not be a him, so first things first, thank you.

1. Thank you for teaching him to love a woman the right way, to put God first, and YOU before me always, the respect he shows you is so attractive, and you deserve it.

He talks about you like you hung the moon, I don't doubt for a second that he will be an amazing father one day, I owe all of that to you.

2. Thank you for giving me a chance, learning to love me when you knew your son was doing the same.

I can't speak for my own first impressions, but hopefully mine was not THAT bad...when we both slapped him on the arms for his rude remark at the same time, I knew our relationship was already blossoming.

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3. Thank you for every meal you have ever purchased me.

And chocolate, and candy...you know just as well as your son does that food is the way to my heart. Especially Taco Bell and cheesecake ;)

4. Thank you for your advice, suggestions, and opinions...and asking for mine

Whether it's telling me to slap him for being a smart a$$, or you're asking me about color swabs for your kitchen makeover, you come to me as if I am your own, and I am so honored to give you my own input.

5. Thank you for including me

You never fail to leave a spot for me, and I love family dinners/outings with you guys just as much as I love my own!

6. Thank you for teaching your son to never give up, and that if he does it is only to better himself, or it's the only choice he has left.

He is so focused on his future, he wants the best for himself, and he is constantly reminding me that these are things that YOU taught him, you deserve to be so proud.

7. Thank you for letting him love my family, and allowing me to love yours.

He is so loyal and loving to my family, and I don't even have to ask myself why because I see him with you and yours. Thank you for letting us double up on holidays when we can, and making sure we get the most out of our time with you!

8. Thank you for being his best friend.

I think of him as mine too, but I couldn't think of a better person to also hold that title, you know him better than anyone else and you always will.

9. Thank you for teaching him how to treat a woman

He is constantly telling me "You sound like my mother." Thankfully earlier in our relationship, he told me that the woman he wants to be with, should do just that. He always tells people who try, "No, no one calls me by my full name except my mom and my girlfriend."

10. Thank you for your honesty

We all know that he and I can drive you crazy sometimes, thank you for telling us like it is, and making sure we know you still love us anyways.

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11. Thank you for teaching him to work as hard as possible in anything and everything he does.

I have never met anyone with such a desire for success, he and I are constantly discussing how we can better our futures, and I know exactly where his drive comes from.

12. Thank you for teaching him to clean up after himself

Even though sometimes, it takes him a minute to do so.

13. Thank you for teaching him how to love, and letting him love me.

I have never felt so loved by a man, probably because anyone else who came into my life was just a boy. Thank you for your unconditional love for him, he is your entire heart and that is so easy to see, I am happy to share his with you.

You and I both know that even years from now we will both occasionally probably be closing the fridge that he left open, cleaning the crumbs he dropped, demanding he take a shower after playing soccer, or reminding him 20 times about plans we made weeks ago, we both share such a great love for such an amazing man. I could never be more thankful that you brought forth into this world such a comforting, supportive, protective, steadfast, driven, handsome, and hilarious guy. Thank you for everything you do for him, for me, and for us, I love you a lot!

Cover Image Credit: casey

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If She Can't Tell You How She Feel Then It's Her Fault If She Is Upset

We aren't mind readers, its not our fault if you get upset for me not knowing how you feel.


Be vocal.

Feeling hurt? Feel betrayed? Or, that someone is pushing you around? Step up and say something. If you remain silence for months on end and then one day explode, then sorry.

That is on you, not me.

Having a relationship is all about communication. That means you discuss your feelings. You listen and exchange conversation. If you are unable to communicate about how you feel, it's not the other person's fault. You had months to explain how you felt. Instead, you sat there in silence. You can't expect someone to hold your hand and walk you through your problems. If you are feeling hurt, you need to step up and say something. It's not their fault you kept your feelings silenced. A relationship without communication is destined to die. And if you can't express how you feel to them you have already nailed the confine closed.

A relationship goes two ways. It's about building and growing together.

If someone is unable to properly communicate their feelings, then how is that relationship going to grow. People need to step up and say how they feel.

Got something to say? Say it.

Staying in the silence isn't going to help anyone. It's not going to help your hurt feelings or fix the situation. Chances are, the other person in the relationship doesn't even know what is going on. Say something. Speak up. Want to change the situation? Make the first step. A relationship is about growing together. If you can't give the person the chance to grow through a mistake then the relationship was never a true one. You can't expect someone to be perfect all the time. You need to understand that people make mistakes and if you are truly invested in the relationship, you would stand up and say something.

People are not mind readers. It doesn't matter who started it.

They said something that hurt you? Say something about it. The situation won't change. So, don't expect to sit around and watch the situation change. You could what changes a bad situation for others. But if you stand there acting all innocent or quite, guess what. You are the one in the end to blame. Not them. They did nothing wrong at the end, because you nailed that confine shut when you decided not to speak up. Don't proceed to attack them about it. Be open. Be honest.

Staying quiet isn't going to change the situation.

So don't yell and cry when things don't work out.

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