At my workplace, we have three different areas of work:

First we have grill, where the employees cook the food.

Next we have chill, where the employees make the desserts.

We also have hospitality, which is where I work. We are responsible for customer service, which involves taking orders, processing payment and various other responsibilities.

Yesterday I was having a great day at work. That is, until my coworker (who works in chill) decided to come up to me out of nowhere and say to me, "Your job is easy. All you do is stand at the drive-thru and hand customers their stuff. You don't really do anything."

Well, child, I'm aware that your understanding of the world is very limited. I know; I was seventeen once. However, your comment really grinded my gears.

Allow me to break some things down for you.

I do much more than "stand there." If I'm working the drive-thru, yes, I do "stand there," but that's not all I do.

I have to restock everything constantly.

I have to wipe down the counters every five seconds because there's sticky ice cream and soda all over them.

I have to sweep up fries that didn't make it into the customer's bag. I have to double check every order to make sure the customer receives everything they paid for.

Occasionally, I have to hound my other coworkers when I really don't want to because the customer with the one-hundred dollar order didn't receive their food in less than three minutes.

And that's just if I'm working drive-thru.

If I'm working the front, I have to greet every customer as soon as they walk in, no matter how packed it is.

I have to take orders, process payment, inform each customer that they can get a free dessert if they fill out the online survey before they leave, etc.

I have to remember which order went to who, which customer wanted extra ranch, listen to each customer complain about how ranch cost an extra fifty-nine cents, make sure I don't drop the tray of food when an undisciplined child decides to run into me; I could go on for days.

Young teenager, you're luckier than you realize. You haven't experienced being cussed out by a customer for forgetting their extra napkins.

It's not exactly easy presenting each customer with your best service when you'd much rather present the customer with these hands.

Even as an extrovert, I get tired of human interaction, too. Especially when that "human interaction" involves being degraded constantly by angry customers.

I have basic cleaning duties just like you. At the end of the night, I have to sweep, mop, take apart the soda machines, wipe down each table, make sure each table has enough condiments, and clean the bathrooms (urinals are the Devil's water hose).

We each have our own jurisdictions that play to our strengths. I couldn't do what you do, and you couldn't do what I do.

None of our jobs are easy. We all have bad days, good days and in-between days. We should all be supportive of one another and appreciate the effort each employee puts in, because we all work our butts of every day.

Likewise, we should always remember to help each other out.

Not once have I ever degraded your work, so you have no right to degrade mine.