When we were growing up, we weren't particularly close but when we had family gatherings we would always talk. When I moved back down to the area I was born in, we began to talk and hang out. Before I knew it, my cousin was my best friend and she always will be. Here are 5 signs that your cousin is actually your best friend.

1. You know literally everything about each other.

You never judge me for anything that I tell you. You are patient and open minded. I wouldn't be the person I am without you. You give me the best advice and you set a great example for how to live your life. Your mantra, "power through with love," has changed how I think and act. I think about that quote before I decide to be angry or upset. Your patience and kindness have rubbed off on me. People tell me that I changed so much in the past few years and I credit a lot of that to you. You taught me to me more understanding, before I judge others.

2. You finish each others sentences and thoughts.

We will be out and all of a sudden we will say the exact same thing at the exact same time. I swear we really do have cousin telepathy. You know exactly what to say or do to make me laugh or to cheer me up! You were my first text when I kissed by boyfriend for the first time and I was the first you told about...well it's still a secret, but you know! That's the other thing, we never break each others trust. The things we tell each other go to the grave. We are like two pees in a pod and I wouldn't change it for the world.

3. You call or text each other to vent.

It can be 5 P.M. or 2 A.M we can call each other to vent. Whether it be about our boyfriends, family, or something general that pissed us off, we know we always have each other to lean on. We always listen and sometimes we don't have anything to say but just having someone there is enough. Having someone share your pain, even though it's not theirs to carry. It's always nice having someone to talk to who understands and loves you.

4. Mi casa, su casa.

My house is forever the meeting grounds. I don't know how it started, maybe I'm just super lazy and you aren't but we always end up here. Wanna watch a movie and hang out? It's almost guaranteed it'll be here. I love that you walk around and are so comfortable in the house, never mind it's the house we all kinda grew up in because I live with our Nan. You are always welcome to steal a side for the way home. Mi casa, su casa. Always.

5. You never have a dull moment.

Life without you in it would be boring. I wouldn't have someone to text late at night and I wouldn't have someone who accepts my relationship the way you do. We are always game to go on adventures together because you are always so spontaneous. You'll call me up to go to the beach or on a hike. You aren't afraid to take long drives if it's an adventure you really wan to go on. We always have the best time together, whether on an adventure, out to eat, or just watching Netflix. These are the signs of true friendship. We can be doing nothing and still have a great time!

I would be lonely and lost without you and Little P. You guys are my best friends and I'm so happy I moved down here and got to make all the memories we have! I'm even more excited for the memories we will continue to make. You really are my best friend and I wouldn't be who I am without you.

I love you, cousin. Thank you for being you.