Court's 9 New Years Resolutions

Happy 2017 everyone! It feels good to finally have a fresh start. As I reflect on the past year, all the amazing ups + the awful downs, I realize how truly blessed I have been. I want 2017 to continue to be a year of growing. Of making mistakes because that is how one grows. This year I wanted to make a list of actual obtainable goals. Ones that I can truly see myself working on in the next three hundred-something days. Here are 9 New Years Resolutions I came up with for myself, cause hey maybe they will inspire some of your resolutions!

1. Continue to challenge myself spiritually, mentally and physically.

I want to be able to focus on God before anything else, but make sure I am keeping up with my school work and making sure I am staying in shape.

2. Fill my life with people who are good at loving.

No more one-sided friendships. Life is way too short to have people in your life who aren't going to love and support you through the hard times.

3. Finish all the Harry Potter books.

Okay, I am a little behind on the whole Harry Potter thing, but hey this summer I watched all the movies and LOVED them. Now, I just need to finish reading the series.

4. Travel back to Alaska

My heart yearns to go back.

5. Be More grateful

I need to not take everything for granted and just continually acknowledge how blessed I really am.

6. Continue to take more photographs

I love photography and share moments with others. Some may say, "You take to many photos", but I need to not let other peoples opinions define how I see and savior life. Capturing memories and sharing beauty is more than a hobby.

7. Spend more quiet time with the Lord in Nature

Two summers during my high school years, I spend a total of 16 weeks basically in the outdoors. Learning, worshiping and growing closer to the Lord. I feel like I never go just for a walk in the woods with my Bible anymore. I miss that. There is something just so wonderful about being alone in God's creation.

8. Hike Mt. Washington againA couple of summers ago, a few people from my summer camp and myself hiked to the top of Mt.Washington. I remember I was walking funny for a week after this, but it was so worth it. I would love to make it to the top again.

9. Be kinder to myself

Sometimes I feel like my own worst enemy. I need to stop putting myself down and realizing that my worth comes from knowing who I am in the Lord.

I have a good feeling about 2017 guys.


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