I Asked 11 Couples What The Weirdest Thing They Do Together Is... Here Are Their Hilarious Answers
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I Asked 11 Couples What The Weirdest Thing They Do Together Is... Here Are Their Hilarious Answers

Love is all about finding your right kind of weird in another person.

I Asked 11 Couples What The Weirdest Thing They Do Together Is... Here Are Their Hilarious Answers

Let’s be real — we’re all weirdos. We all have our strange quirks and goofy sides to our personality. Perhaps not everyone sees that side of you on the surface, but once you enter a relationship, exposing that side of yourself to a significant other is a big milestone and, more often than not, a HUGE make or break.

At the end of the day, love is really just about finding a person who shares a weirdness that’s compatible with yours: someone who can get down with your humor, someone who is accepting of your strange habits that no one else knows about and, ultimately, someone who you can just be your authentic self around.

I asked 11 couples to share a weird or quirky thing about their relationship. Think you and your S.O. are weird? Wait until you see these couples’ hilarious answers:

1. Picking each other's noses

"Jeff really likes to make me laugh and do unusual things to catch my attention, like pick my nose. I have no idea why I think it’s funny when he does things like that but its the main reason I love him." — Shayli Kipnis

2. Challenging each other in friendly competition

"Sam and I love to watch Great British Baking Show together – it’s not like a casual show at this point... it’s like, we are so invested in these people’s baking skills. You can hear us shouting at the TV if someone messes up! We also like friendly competition ourselves, pictured here we tried to see who could fit more grapes in their mouth back when we were 16 or 17 years old. Sam won with 15 grapes!" — Gabi Kim

3. ...Even goofy kissing competitions

"So this is really weird, but we have this competition where when we kiss, we try to be sneaky and blow air into the other person's mouth to make their cheeks puff up like a puffer fish." — Mckenzie Miner

4. Playing Fortnite together

"We play Fornite together, and we get really into it. We get so hyped." — Lauren Chevalier

5. Fawning over animals together (or at least attempting to)

"Alex has a cat that he absolutely loves, but I despise cats. Cooper (his cat) is a fat, lazy cat that he has tried to get me to like over the last (almost) four years, and we’re still at a point where I can be in the same room as Cooper but I can’t sit on the couch with him... He has a love for cats and goats that I just can not explain. We’ve gone to so many petting zoos to see the goats. " — Meghan Ortizcazarin

6. Quoting iconic memes/Vines on the daily

“We repeatedly say and reference memes far beyond that of any normal couple. We do it to confirm that our significant other is equally weird. I've even gotten Natalie coffee mugs with some of our favorites on them.” — John Swanke

7. Bonding over crossword puzzles

"One thing we like to do when we are alone is work on crossword puzzles together. It may seem a little old fashioned but we found an activity that we only share between ourselves. It’s a nice way to spend our time together and often sparks conversations and opportunities to learn from one another." — Keara Clacko

8. DM-ing people together

“We both keep our Tinder accounts open (that's where we met), and we send the ridiculous pickup lines to the people we match with just to see what they say. Then, if there is a particularly funny conversation, we send it to “Tinder Nightmares” on Total Frat Move. My boyfriend (Tom) has been featured three times, and I've been featured four times.” — Maggie Eckberg

9. Wearing matching blue light blocking glasses

"So we always watch Netflix together over Facetime and start the show at the exact same time. He turns down his volume and we use my laptop for sound (not that weird), but we MUST wear our blue light blocking glasses that Peter bought us for Christmas to minimize the blue light before we go to sleep." — Christine Lager

10. Consistently making weird faces in photos together

"My boyfriend and I consistently make weird faces in pictures together. Neither one of us knows why. We just started doing it one day and now it’s kind of an unspoken joke." — Lily Snodgrass

11. Communicating primarily through song

"My boyfriend and I (we’ve been together 7 years) both quote songs to one another like it’s the only way we know how to speak." — Kelly Prososki

No matter what kind of goofy your relationship is, you can always count on your S.O. to come through with the right jokes, faces, gestures or activities. Think your relationship is weird? Odds are there's a couple out there even weirder.

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