10 Wedding Videos That Make Me Want To Get Married Tomorrow
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10 YouTube Couples' Wedding Videos That Will Give You An Extremely Bad Case Of Wedding Fever

Get your Kleenex and Pinterest board ready!

10 YouTube Couples' Wedding Videos That Will Give You An Extremely Bad Case Of Wedding Fever

If you are a woman, in between the ages of 16-26, and have a Pinterest, you know the wedding day hype. It's something you dream about since you were a little girl. Yet, as you get older, the thought becomes more real. Therefore, you need to plan. The invitations, the flowers, the venue, YOUR DRESS! But sometimes, you can start to lack inspiration. These 10 wedding videos will inspire you like no other and will probably make you shed a few tears.

1. Cole and Savannah Labrant

Cole and Savannah Labrant have been very evident on social media throughout their entire relationship. From Musical.ly to Instagram to even trendy videos on Facebook, the Labrant's are known all over the Internet! They are specifically known for Savannah's adorable daughter, Everleigh. Every wedding has its own special moments. Some of theirs would be Savannah's sister, Chantelle's, speech, the secret letters written before the ceremony, and Savannah's vows about praying for a Godly man to come into her life.

However, in Cole and Savannah's wedding video, the cutest thing is probably when Cole says vows to Everleigh as well. Saying things like "I promise to always love you and your mom," and to even referring to wanting to be her "daddy forever." Can it get any cuter? Plus their reception looked like so much fun, especially when Cole breaks out all his dance moves.

2. Gabriel and Jess Conte

Jess and Gabriel dated for a little over a year, most of the time, being on completely different sides of the world. Jess, who is from Australia, and Gabriel, who lived all the way in LA, finally broke the chain of long distance after getting married.

Their wedding was very simple and traditional, however, was very emotional. During most of the speeches and vows, someone is probably shedding a few tears. The part that really gets emotional though is when Gabriel vows to always put Jesus first in their relationship and how, now, they can finally be together. Also, the clips of them on the hill, wind blowing and all, looks like it is out of a fairy tale.

3. Parker Ferris and Aspyn Ovard

High school sweethearts from Utah, Aspyn Ovard and Parker Ferris got married at the age of 19! Their boho chic wedding was a small, intimate event with close friends and family gathered around. Aspyn's wedding is one of my favorites because her decorations and small details look like they came straight out of Pinterest. I mean, c'mon, those flower crowns? So cute! An event that was anticipated by fans for years. The only thing bigger than their wedding would now be that they are expecting their first child!

4. Daniel Jensen and Alex Centomo

Dan and Alex is probably my favorite on this list just because of how raw their video actually is. The couple had known each other since they were 8 years old. They actually met on the swim team! Their relationship grew over the years and they finally tied the knot in early October of 2018. I love the overall aesthetic of their wedding. The very outdoorsy, green, minimalist vibe is so in and so cute! Their video is a little longer than some of the others, but it is definitely so sentimental. Most of their friends made cameos during the speeches, but my favorite would definitely be Dan's brother Tim. His speech honestly made me cry!

5. Christina Cimorelli and Nick Reali

Christina and Nick waited a while to get married, but it was well worth it. The video is honestly like they were living out of a fairytale. Coming from a traditional background, their wedding is not exactly "trendy," but very personal. They performed their service in a large church and had her sisters sing before the vows. Yet, the best part, in my opinion, would be when all of Christina's sisters do personal testimonies about Christina and Nick's relationship. Adorable! You can tell they have been together for a long time.

6. Kane and Pia Muehlenbeck

Kane and Pia. Where do I begin? Her dress! The accents! The champagne tower! This wedding was pretty boujee if I do say so myself, but you can clearly see the love that this couple has for each other. Even though there are some crazy aspects, like Pia's amazing dress, the service was quite small and close knit. But, if you need some inspiration for your Pinterest board, definitely check this video out! The aesthetic of their wedding is breathtaking.

7. Sammi Maria and Jason Davis

Sammi is a beauty blogger from London that I actually have been a fan of for a few years. She married her boyfriend and father to her child, Jason. Their wedding video is cinematic and so beautifully produced. My personal favorite part of their wedding would definitely be their venue. It is this gorgeous stone building in England, that may as well be a castle! While their wedding is trendy, it is definitely way more traditional than the average "Pinterest wedding." I think this wedding is really good for inspiration because of all of Sammi's wedding attire choices. Her hair, her jewelry, her dress, they are all things that I personally love and would definitely purchase for my own wedding. Plus, peek her sweet baby, Indie, that makes a cameo in the video!

8. Dylan and Delia Chatwin

Another boho chic wedding? Yes, I know. But, Dylan and Delia's wedding screams "Pinterest inspiration." The hipster couple's special day was full of extravagance, love, and their smiles. This long-distance couple finally broke that with their wedding day, saying that Delia is from Arizona and Dylan from Utah. Delia's bouquet is one of the absolute highlights of this wedding because of how crazy beautiful it is. Plus, I think the representation of their love story throughout the video really gives viewers the feel for their relationship. Anyways, I will be pinning Delia's hair and dress on Pinterest constantly now. Gorgeous!

9. Gabriel Santiago and Jessi Malay

Can someone say #CoupleGoals? Jessi and Gabriel look like the happiest couple on earth and I hope to look that happy on my wedding day. Their Hawaiian wedding is breathtaking. It is literally a dream. Basically, I'm telling you, if you need inspiration, every part of this video has it. From Jessi's ring, to her dresses (YES, THERE IS MORE THAN ONE), to the decorations, everything! Go check it out literally right now.

10. James and Tati Westbrook

To end it off, I had to share Tati and James' wedding. Another Hawaiian dream, this wedding is beautiful. Tati is known for being a perfectionist in the makeup community and this wedding definitely fits those qualities. Tati is stunning in this video, from her hair, to her makeup (done by James Charles), to her dress. She looks like a princess. This wedding just makes you feel all the emotions. If you need a good example of a couple that loves each other, watch this video.

I know that your dream wedding day may seem an eternity away, but until then, here are 10 "Pinterest princesses" for you to gush over. If this doesn't make your wedding bug itch, I don't know what will.

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